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    Our very dyslexic  son is going into 8th grade and due to my past poor health, I have done very little science with him.  Recently I purchased Dr. Wile’s Discovering Design With Earth Science after reading all about it here on the forums.

    Because our son has an incredible engineering mind, I am preparing him for engineering school should he choose it, however he really struggles with math in general.  We used RightStart which worked great, however, a dyslexic  definition of “great” is probably very different from a regular math mind definition of “great.”  He still struggled a lot, but it was so much better than any other math program we tried.

    We are a couple of weeks into Dr. Wile’s earth science, with me reading it aloud to him, however, even just a few pages in, I can tell that it’s going to be a loooonnnngggg road.  Our son usually loves being read to, but I can tell he’s just not into it.  And just a few pages ahead is… math.  I feel so overwhelmed.

    I was hoping to go very slowly and give it two years if need be, but now I’m wondering if I should back up and do Dr. Wile’s 7th grade Atomic Age first?

    Has anyone gone through Earth Science who might be able to shed some light?  Thanks!


    I have atomic age for my dyslexic 12 yr old…we aren’t to earth science yet. He does well with RightStart too;)  RightStart isn’t easy for him either. He’s got a little sis for whom it is easy. Here are a few thoughts for what they are worth.

    1. He needs algebra before chemistry so don’t rush the science ahead of math. Dr Wile actually talks about this on his website.
    2. I got the mp3 audio. Would that help him? Then he could read along as much as possible and wouldn’t have to be dependent on you.
    3. Atomic age is set up to teach some study science skills and be the 1st upper level science book. Maybe try it 1st for those reasons?
    4. I think you’d be fine going into college with just Biology and Chemistry in HS. I did not go into a science field but after personally spending 2 yrs each on Wile’s 1st edition biology and chemistry I was over prepared for college biology…it was very easy.
    5. He may have to take a bit more time but building a good math foundation is really most important. My husband is a non academic engineer he survived college;) Math is the building blocks.
    6. This doesn’t even look bad….8th Atomic age (no tests), 9th earth science, 10th biology, 11 chemistry, 12th finish up or do duel enrollment or pick another Wile class. I’d add in the tests 1st as open book then closed somewhere in HS only if he looks college bound.

    Ruralmama, I’ve decided to follow your advice!  After mulling it over, it seems better for our son to start with Atomic Age.  We started a chapter of Discovering Design earlier in the summer and it was beefier than I expected.  I had such pride in the excitement of actually being on grade level, plus not wanting to spend more money, that I thought we could push forward, but all of the points you made were so valid.  I also asked Dr. Wile what he thought and he also agreed to do Atomic Age first.  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me!  I think Atomic Age will set our son up for success instead of discouragement.  Thank you again!



    Ruralmama, I also meant to ask you how your son did with Atomic Age?  Did he read it himself or did you help out?  I yearn for the days of having a little independence and not have to help with every single thing lol.  (I sent another comment to you as well, but I’m not sure I did it right for you to be notified.)

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