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    I just heard about this at a mom’s meeting I went to the other night.  You can get it as an app on your tablet, but I am using it on my desktop at http://www.duolingo.com . It is very similar to Rosetta Stone, however, the hours in comparison are less with duolingo…plus it is free!

    I’ve just finished my first French lesson and it is fun!


    Hi Heather – thanks for sharing! I just tried it out and really liked it as an alternative to Rosetta Stone. I am thinking of using the beginning levels with my younger kids, and letting my daughter (who is finished with RS1) do the more advanced levels and translations. What a great free resource!!


    Thanks for telling us about this website.  More instruction and practice for FREE!


    Thanks! What age do you think could start it? We recently finished the free Salsa episodes for Spanish at http://www.gpb.org/salsa/term/episode

    And I was looking at knowitall next. It’s great to have so many nice, free options for Spanish.



    I would say they need to be reading very well before they start this.  I did my first lesson today and realized it was too advanced for my younger ones.  I’m going to have my oldest start the language of her choice next year.  She will be in 7th then.

    Glad to be able to help!



    Another one to check is Mango.  Lots of local libraries, including mine, are buying Mango for their patrons to use.


    My kids love this resource and use it daily … to keep the owl happy!  lol.  Another great free source is Mango through your local library.  The military uses it a lot I think to help the soldiers.  We like it too. 

    My 8 and 9yo have both been using it regularly for a while and they love it. I do find, though, that I need to tell them to spend time reviewing new material because otherwise they would just keep plugging on to new lessons all the time, lol.  


    This is marvelous!  It adds a component that Rosetta Stone (French) is lacking: grammar.   I was just telling my dh the other day that as RS does not teach grammar I needed something to supplement.  This is it!!

    I had to force myself to turn it off since I am supposed to be making breakfast now!Embarassed

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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