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    We are excited to start using the Picture Study Portfolios this year!  I’d love to hear your ideas…  How do you display or make available the artists’ works that your family has previously studied?


    I have cheapie frames that I got from a friend.  They are cardboard back, with the hang-y thing.  The front “glass” is actually some kind of plastic plexi-glass stuff.  That is held in place by black strips that just push on (and fall off!).  They’re big — 18″ x 30″ or so.

    I usually print out the artist’s name and dates and display that to the side of the current print.  I put clear packing tape on the back of the print (sticky side down, so that you can’t see it) and then use rolled masking tape to attach the print (on top of the clear tape) to the cardboard backing of the frame.  Plexi glass stuff on top, hang it up.

    I LOVE the SCM Artist Portfolios.  We seriously would not otherwise get to see the beautiful artwork.  It would involve too much time and effort for me to get it together on my own.  And then  I love that SCM makes the artwork appropriate for all ages!  No post-it’s or black sharpies needed….and no uncomfortable questions before you’re ready for them!


    We display the 8×10 picture to study in a frame or with magnets on the dry erase wall board.  We also have art books so they can review the art and artists later.  We have some Come Look with Me books with various artists and Mike Vinezia biographies with only one artist’s work included.  Beware that some children’s art books include inappropriate art, like Usborne.  And we have some fun bookmarks and postcards from Dover with popular artwork, like Monet and Degas.


    I just have books, not loose prints.  I have a mini easel and just keep the book on there.  If there’s more than one picture on the open pages, I cover the other(s) with post-it notes.


    I just hang up the current picture for the week and put the others back in the folder. After they have all been studied I take them all out and spread them across the table and everyone sketches their favorite one. I’ve been thinking about framing their favorites and hanging them in their bedrooms at the end of the year or maybe I’ll create a little gallery. IKEA is great for inexpensive frames.


    I have some twine strung across the schoolroom that I clip our pictures to with mini-clothespins.  I also do this for other things we are studying…currently it has timeline figures from SOTW 2 and pictures of birds (for the Burgess Bird Book)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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