Difference in Early Modern first edition with current edition?

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  • Veveme

    I already own an earlier edition of Early Modern & Epistles from our previous round through the Family History cycle. Is there a significant difference in the updated version?

    Tamara Bell

    Hi Veveme!  I want to assure you that the first edition is still a wonderful study and will provide your family with a rich year of studies.

    We did make some large changes within the guide.  First, we added Visits to North America and omitted the geography scheduled within the 1st edition.  We also added The Stuff They Left Behind: From the Days of Early Modern.  This picture study packet provides families with pictures, information and discussion prompts concerning artifacts and architecture.  We’ve revamped the Bible Studies for the entire family as well as created a new study for kiddos in grades 7-12.  Lastly, we made some swaps to books, scheduling for students in grades 10-12 America, The Last Best Hope, and provided suggestions towards high school credits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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