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    Greetings homeschool mamas!

    I purchased “Delightful Handwriting” and “Delightful Reading” last August, with hopes of homeschool my daughter this year. Since purchasing this curriculum, my husband and I have decided to send our children to a small “Charlotte Mason” school in our city. Therefore, we will no longer be needing this curriculum. Neither have been used, yet in my excitement to homeschool, I already cut out all the word tiles and have organized them in categories, which will make your lives a bit easier. 🙂

    Please email me if you are interested in buying these two curriculums from me. I am hoping to sell both for $50. My email is [Moderator note: E-mail address removed to prevent spammers from finding it. Use the private messages to keep your e-mail address private. Smile]

    Thank you!!

    Beverly Krans

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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