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  • Bethany Gerfers

    Hello! I am new to the CM method and still learning. I would like to use delightful reading level two for my almost 7 year old (first grade), but I see the lesson plans for that grade only include level 3. Are there lesson plans for level 2 or so I just do 1 activity a day? And what to use for copy work/handwriting since the delightful handwriting goes with DR level 3? I hope this makes sense, thank you!

    Karen Smith

    Young children vary greatly in what age they learn to read. Because of that variance, Individual Studies, Grade 1 assumes your child is ready for Delightful Reading level 3 or is already reading. There are many children who are not ready for DR 3 when they are 1st grade age.

    You can substitute Delightful Reading level 2 for level 3 in the lesson plans. You want to work at your child’s pace, but keep the lessons to about 10-15 minutes maximum.

    For Delightful Handwriting, you can have your child work on forming the letters, but hold off on having him copy any words he can’t read. It is important that he can read what he is copying, otherwise it’s just a drawing lesson. Until he can read the words in Delightful Handwriting, you can choose a few words from each reading lesson for him to copy. He can copy them on wide-ruled paper, on a white board or chalk board, on a driveway or sidewalk with chalk, or in dry rice, flour, or cornmeal with his finger.

    Bethany Gerfers

    Thanks so much!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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