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    I just wanted to put the word out that SCM’s new ‘Delightful Reading Kit’ is SIMPLY WONDERFUL!

    My 6 yr old son who already is solid on phonics thru Sonlight’s K LA is doing great with it and really loving it. It’s refreshing and fun. No more tedious SL jammed packed schedules!!! Yeah. I am using it to teach my 4 yr old daughter her first phonics lessons.

    Around April/May I started becoming very stressed while trying to ‘keep up’ with SL’s LA schedule. By God’s grace I came across two resources that have taken the stress out of LA for us. They are the ‘Delightful Reading Kit’ and the workbook ‘English for the Thoughtful Child’ by Mary F. Hyde. Not to mention finally reading Karen Andreola’s book ‘A Charlotte Mason Companion’. If none of you have read Karen’s book yet I HIGHLY suggest you do.

    Hope some of you try the kit!

    We are liking Delightful Reading too! My 5 year old asks for it everyday. 🙂

    I know just what you were going through Helen!  We too, have recently finished Sonlight K LA and have just started Delightful Reading.  I had exactly the same issues with SL LA, so much jumping around, my son, 6,5yrs now, never really ‘took’ to the creative ‘writing’ assignments yet he could narrate a story on his own initiative on something he was really interested in.  I eventually just left them out.  

    He is really enjoying CM’s way of learning to read now, he gets excited about making up new words each day and I get even more excited about the short lesson that’s both effective and natural Laughing

    Thank-you SCM!! 


    I too have come from SL LA K but got burned out before we finished it.  My ds6 loves Delighful Reading though!  I do have a question about it though since we are new.  Does the DL Program implement copywork/handwriting, narration, etc?  I’m trying to figure this all out since I am new to CM.  I purchase A Reason for Handwriting ‘A’ but it uses words that he hasn’t even learned how to read that are way over his head.  I’m sure he could copy them down but I’m concerned that this book is a level ahead of where he needs to be.  I am also having the same problem with Queens Language Learning for Little Ones 3.  However, the LLFLO3 seems to be only a few lessons ahead compared to the handwriting book.  I just dont want to over do it here and if the DR program includes all this then I’d be thrilled.  Can anyone help me with this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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