Delightful Reading and dyslexia

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    I have an almost 7 year old boy.  He has know his letters and sounds since he was 4 and Had all the signs that he was ready to start reading.  I waited until he was 5 to try to teach him to read and that didn’t go well so I backed off we worked on it a little bit until he was 6 and we used delightful reading Level 2.  He still didn’t seem to make much progress.  He is reading but seems to be more by memory and guessing. He has all the signs of dyslexia.  Reads from right to left, writes backwards, get a small word correct then misses It in the next sentence.  I could go on. I am dyslexic so I am pretty sure he is too.  My question is I would like to try to use what I have to teach him.  Do you think I could try the delightful reading again from the beginning? We didn’t even get 1/2 through last year. After reviewing some of the other curriculum delightful reading goes over many of the same things.   I would use the Multisensory approach with all the words until he knows them before moving on.  Also dictation. I think it could work but the only difference is the other programs have books that go along with the words they are learning.  Would you guys recommend the pathway reader?  I tried that last year but he started struggling with that too! Any recommendations would be great as I process through what would be the best Way for him to learn to read well!

    Thank you!


    As much as I love Simply Charlotte Mason for our core curriculum, Delightful Reading was a nightmare for my dyslexic son. Two of our four children are dyslexic and we have learned that children with dyslexia require explicit, structured, sequential, phonetic training.  Orton Gillingham is considered the gold standard among the dyslexic homeschool community.

    Having said that, my non-dyslexic kid had no trouble with Delightful Reading at all; she loved it.

    If you are on Facebook, there are plenty of homeschooling groups for dyslexic students that could guide you on what has worked (and not worked) for them. You could also get suggestions from neuropsychologists that specialize in dyslexia.

    As you probably know, dyslexic children struggle in some areas but excel in others. I never call it a learning disorder; I fully believe it is merely a learning difference. Best to you on your learning journey!


    I believe that there are many ways to help each unique child learn to read.

    My 3rd grader had a very unique path to learning to read from preschool onward. Study your son and see what works for him. We have used some phonics, some Orton Gillingham programs, some CM and some whole word programs.

    Once he could handle cvc words like cat well, he did better with CM. We used A Gentle Feast Sight and Sound reading at that point. After both levels, we moved to CM lessons with Christian Light readers. We did CM spelling alongside and still do. The stories in both A Gentle Feast and Christian Light being older English than today, cause my son to not guess so much. He also doesn’t know the typical old children’s rhymes and stories they use, so that helps.

    I cover parts of the whole word as he works on each part from the beginning. He’s doing well and using logic to figure out Spelling. We also use The Secret Stories which is helping.

    Christian Light Learn to Read was somewhat helpful, but not by itself and not all the tips. It became too much to remember, so we went back to CM.

    I hope this helps. If you want to try OG, All About Reading is recommended by many.


    My dyslexic kids love All About Reading. It is fun and helped them gain confidence.



    Thank you for those of you who responded it helps me to know I am going in the right direction for my Son. .  As much as I love Delightful reading it hasn’t helped my son at all.  I am going to try All About Reading with him.  We will continue with everything else CM.  He does wonderful Oral Narration. Which makes me happy!

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