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    I have tried repeatedly to delete a resource that I accidentally scheduled twice. When I hit “Delete”, it shows to be deleted in my list of resources, but upon going back to the Daily Plan, the resource remains. I have refreshed, logged out and back in, and it still shows up. What am I doing wrong?



    Sonya Shafer

    Are you deleting it off your scheduler page? If you go to your Scheduler page and hit the “delete” beside the resource, it should remove it from your schedule and daily plan. 

    If you delete it off the resource page, it won’t affect your schedule.

    Might that be what’s happening?


    From the Daily Plan, I am clicking “View Resource”. From there, I am clicking “Delete”. Is that what you’re asking?

    Doug Smith

    When you view the resource then use Delete button you are completely removing the resource and all of the information about it. You will no longer be able to see or schedule that resource unless you enter it again. However, that does not affect your existing schedule because the details are moved to your schedule when you schedule that resource.

    What you want to do is just remove it from your schedule. You can do that by view your schedule by clicking the Scheduler tab. You’ll see all of the resource you have scheduled there with a delete link near each one. That link will remove the resource from your schedule but the resource itself will still be available for later use.

    If that all seems confusing, think of it this way. Scheduling a resource is like borrowing a book from your local library. When you delete it from your schedule it’s like you’ve returned the book so you’re no longer using it. But viewing a resource and deleting it is like burning the library book. It’s not there to check out again unless a new copy is acquired.

    My analogy breaks down a bit because you don’t have to put the resource back to use it again, but you get the idea.

    And don’t worry, you can only delete resources you’ve entered yourself.


    Actually, I would like to delete the resource permanently because I accidentally entered it and scheduled it twice. That’s the trouble I’m having. I’ve tried deleting it from both, and it’s still showing up on the Daily Plan. I’ll try again… Sigh.Tongue out


    Ok, I finally successfully deleted it from the Scheduler page, and it did not show up in my Daily Plan. But now I have to know: Why was I clicking “View Resource”, then “Delete”, and it was still showing up in both the Scheduler and the Daily Plan? 


    Cindy K

    Because clicking on “View Resource” views the resource as it shows up in your “added resources”, not as it shows in the Scheduler. In the Daily Plan, you should click on “View Schedule”, then delete the schedule. Then if you still want to delete the resource, you can do that from the Resource tab (if it’s your resource.)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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