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    I am a big proponent of teaching cursive first! I’ve posted here before on penmanship threads about it. In the past, I used Cursive First (good, but I dislike making copies) and Pencil Pete (ok, for animations). What I really wanted was a premade workbook with instructions written in without the need for cards, etc.

    My youngest child who is 8 adamantly wanted to learn print first, so we did. He prints nicely, so it’s time to transition. I went looking for a new resource. I like the HWOT workbooks for simplistic instruction, but do not care for their cursive, so I kept looking. I found the Joy of Cursive (ok, but had to print). Kept looking and found EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted in a workbook called Cursive Logic!!! This is perfect for cursive first instruction or for later instruction. I love it already and can’t wait to use with my little man.

    See it here – http://www.cursivelogic.com/the-workbook/

    They also offer The Art of Cursive, an adult coloring book with cursive lessons presented more quickly. I am going to use this with dd10 in 6th as an easy copywork/coloring book. After the instruction pages, there are tracing/copywork pages of quotes on the left and coloring pages w/ quotes on the right. I LOVE this, too!

    See it here – http://www.cursivelogic.com/products/the-art-of-cursivelogic-relax-color-learn-cursive

    I’m not on the forum as much anymore, but had to share these great products!



    My apologies. I didn’t realize my caps lock was on for the title of the thread. I didn’t mean to shout, though these resources are worth it!


    What homeschool mom doesn’t sometimes get excited and shout about handwriting resources.  lol

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