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    Hi everyone!

    we are just starting out on home schooling, using CM and i must admit the amount of information is quite overwhelming. I’m simply looking for 2nd grade curriculum with recommended books list that i can buy all at once. the current method is too tiring and complicated!

    can anyone help??


    Can you tell us what you are currently using so that we know what you think is too complicated?

    Aubrey Rodriguez

    I really think that keeping things simple is key! I tend to be over-ambitious and formulate a plan that isn’t realistic to our lifestyle. I have learned to start with a simple plan and allow time in the day for “rabbit trails” and “organic moments” to occur. I like the simplicity of the SCM curriculum guides.


    I understand how you feel. I’m in the same situation. We did cm history this year and I want to do a cm approach to all subjects, but since This is very much tailored to the child, which is what we want of course, it seems harder to plan in the beginning. Like my child will be second grade and trying to figure out if I should start her on the third delightful reading kit or if she would be past that. I wish I could just know , like you said, a list of all books I’d need for second grade.  I feel like I’ve been looking all day comparing with used books and new to try to get the best deal and I’m ready to throw my iPad out of the window ha ha.

    Tamara Bell

    Hi Destiny,

    Is your daughter reading yet?  If she is able to read basic books, she probably does not need Delightful Reading kit 3.  If she only knows a couple hundred words – short vowel, long vowel, blends – she will need Delightful Reading kit 3.  Our introductory/walk through video for Delightful Reading kit 3 may be helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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