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    I am cleaning out my shelves to support my curriculum buying habit;)

    All prices include postage. Shipping in USA lower 48 only.

    SCM Mathematics:An Instrument for Living Teaching $10 postage paid(ppd)

    SCM Middle Ages, Renaissance,Ref, Epistles Guide 2010. Has been highlighted and notes written in it. $10 ppd

    Spelling Wisdom book 3 Covers ripped off, but all the pieces are there. $8 ppd

    Delightful Reading teacher book, A Delightful Reader, and CD of word tiles file and word list file. This is not a complete set. I planned to print the words from the CD, but didn’t end up using it. $20ppd

    Ray’s Arithmetic hardbound 8 book set $60 ppd

    The Checklist: A K-12 Scope and Sequence/Recordkeeper for Christian Educators book by, Cindy Downes $16ppd

    All About Reading Pre – Reading teacher’s manual, ABC posters, two hardback readers, CDROM, and lesson cards. You would need to buy a new student workbook to go with it. $22ppd

    Life of Fred Beginning Algebra Zillions of Practice Problems. This is the practice book only. $17ppd

    SAT & College Prep Course for the Christian Student by, James Stobaugh $15ppd

    Christian Light Learning to Read 2 teacher’s guides, and Light Unit set. You would need to purchase the 4 readers. $27ppd

    Christian Light Reading 1 teachers guide. You would need to purchase the reader. $6ppd

    Straight Talk: A Parents Guide for Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations. Some light writing in it. Book and dvd $25ppd

    The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order hardback $ 18ppd

    The Puritan Hope by, Iain Murray. One nick on cover. $4ppd

    Thanks for looking!

    PayPal payments only.


    I am willing to negotiate on prices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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