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    I have a 9 yr old. who we just got tested for dyslexia and he does have it.  He is getting tutored for it.  However, I will have a K student in the Fall and my son’s tutor was suggesting All About Spelling just because my daughter might follow after my son and also have dyslexia.  I have always done copywork with all my kids and was planning on doing it with my K student as well.  Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I should continue copywork or do All About Spelling with my K student?    Is one better than the other?  I realize it’s how they learn. I have always been of the understanding that copywork was the better option.



    It depends on your educational philosophy.  It also depends on which learning to read program you use.  Some reading programs teach spelling from the beginning, others wait until as long as a few years.

    You will figure out later what type of speller your kindergartner is and which curriculum fits her best.

    I start my kindergartners out with Words Their Way for spelling. I like the hands-on element, and the different font sorts.  For first grade I use Queens Learning Spelling Through Copywork.  They mention rules, but we don’t memorize them.  It is light, which I prefer at this age.

    All About Spelling is decent if you want to teach rules and start spelling early.  Some wait until 4th grade and use Spelling Wisdom.

    Spelling You See is another option. It is a combination of copywork and rules.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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