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    My 8yod is a leftie.  She still struggling with writing with large letters.  I had actually moved her to cursive last year, which she did fantastic doing.  She was in 2nd grade at the time so the letters were still big.  But then life happened and school didn’t, so she’s lost her cursive knowledge.  I have been looking at the SCM handwriting/copywork curriculum but cannot decide if it would be better to start her back on A Child’s Copybook Reader (and which level) or start with the print to cursive book so she’s still working on her printed letters while we review the cursive letters to see if we can bring the skill back for her.  Is it better to work on her letters getting smaller or start reviewing her cursive to get her back to where she was? I also have a 9yod but I don’t think she will have trouble getting her cursive back.  She’s already been trying to write with it on her own.  She just needs the review and then I’d like to more her to the Hymns.  Ironically, she’s my dyslexic child but has thrived with the early cursive.  I think she sees it as an art so I’m hoping to get her proficient and then try to start some early calligraphy with her. Finally a child that loves handwriting like her mamma.  She needs something other than academics to be successful in right now.  <<sigh>>  But my little leftie is a whole new story for me.  She’s the youngest of 7 and my only leftie.  It’s been a challenge to teach her handwriting skills.  For those with experience and knowing that life has happened over here and she hasn’t done much writing in a couple of months, where would you start her?  I would appreciate some input.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My 8 yr-old is a lefty and it has been a challenge teaching handwriting. I love copywork, and we do it faithfully, but we also use the Handwriting Without Tears workbook, for extra practice. HWOT is especially praised for being helpful for left-handed children. I know it’s not CM, but it is inexpensive tool and has worked for us, in addition to continuing our copywork. The HWOT 2nd grade level would be great for some manuscript practice. The 3rd grade level teaches cursive. I alternate copywork and pages from HWOT. My son is finally enjoying writing more, and has recently taken to writing letters to his friends. It is difficult for a right-handed mom to teach a lefty. But, how wonderful that your kids already know some cursive!</p>

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