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  • I have a DS who is 11 years old. I’d say he is reading at a 2nd grade reader, but it is so slow… We need help and encouragement. I was researching and came across the Barton Reading. I think this could really help. My issue is paying that amount of money and maybe not being consistent enough to make a difference. I am SO busy with littles also (having my second set of twins) and all 8 of my children are under 12 years of age. So, would it be better to just hire a remote tutor? Would the investment be worth my time in this season? We are not overflowing with money either, so I wonder if just biting the bullet and sacrificing time used elsewhere would be better.

    What are your thoughts, mama’s with struggling readers.


    I have a few thoughts.

    My husband’s cousin sucussfully used Barton, but I’ve never sean it.

    I taught 1 struggling reader to read using All About Reading. We are now using All About Spelling to work on the very poor spelling. It is slowly improving and is not stressing him out too much with failed spelling tests. I do the reading and spelling work by the clock so 15 min spelling lesson then done. Reading was longer often like 20-30 min, but here frequency is better than less often and longer. This boy is almost 11. I suspect he has dyslexia, but have not had him tested. His is more on the mild end.

    My Sister in law teaxhes 1 and 2nd at a local Christian school. They have a lot of struggling readers. She really likes Wilson. I think spelling is included in with the reading in that one. I also think Wilson is more intensive (think more baby steps more explicit instruction) than BArton or All About Reading.


    Yes consistency is key. Maybe he would be willing to work over the summer or in the afternoons. I would be sure to include him in the decision making process. He needs to be on board too. I have an Orton Gillingham certificate too so sometimes I go off script on my own…Also Indo not love the All About Reading stories, but you can at least add in other phonetically controlled readers and the All About Reading  ones are not babyish.

    I can try tomanswer any other questions you have.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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