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    Okay, I have to admit.  I would rather read a pamphlet at the eye doctor than a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.  I have tried two now.  Little House in the Big Woods was like torture for me to get through (read aloud) and I’ve just gotten halfway through chapter 4 in Farmer Boy (read aloud) before I put it down.  I am confessing this because I feel guilty.  Am I the only one that does not adore the series?


    Currently, I am reading Little House in the Big Woods. It has taken us quite awhile (kind of on purpose).  My 8yo enjoys it if he just happens to be around when I’m reading.  Don’t know if we’ll make it through all of them, but I hope so.  We don’t watch the tv series (I did when I was younger), but I find them to be too sad at times. I dislike tear-jerkers:)  If I know it’s a funny one then we’ll watch it, but that is very rare. I do think it’s neat that when we read the book then see the show then they get a visual from a good program, but like I said, that is rare.

    I’m just thankful these days that if I don’t really care for a book/series that there are so many more to chose from and such good lists to get them from. 

    I really wanted my oldest to like the Sugar Creek Gang, but he didn’t. I did get an audio version of one of the books so I’m hoping he’ll enjoy that since he loves talking books:)

    Good luck to ya.


    I hated them as a child… all my friends were reading them, and I couldn’t see the point…

    That said, I’ve been reading them to my son, who is really enjoying them… and I’m enjoying them more now than I did as a child.

    (I think as a child I expected it to be just like the TV show, and it wasn’t….)


    We generally like them and enjoy the tv episodes in spurts….but as far as childhood memoirs go, we all enjoyed “Rascal” by Sterling North immensely.  Too bad he didn’t write a series of books.  Undecided



    Little House in the Big Woods was the hardest to read aloud to our younger children because Laura described in painstaking length so much detail about the ins and outs of pioneer life (butchering the pig, etc.) The book didn’t have as much narrative flow as the others. Farmer Boy is a similar type of story about Almonzo’s life. If I were going to do it over, I’d read aloud Little House on the Prairie first, followed by On the Banks of Plum Creek and go on from there.

    Another “prairie-girl” type book that has more “adventure” to it is Caddie Woodlawn and its sequel, Magical Melons. My daughters really enjoyed these books, too. 🙂



    Well, we love them but we live on a farm so there are many things our boys personally relate to.  When she talked about making cheese and where the rennet came from, my son was fascinated because he knows I use rennet when I make cheese and he had no idea where it came from.  They know first-hand what it’s like to milk a cow (although they were glad they didn’t have to go out in the middle of the night in 40 below temperatures and run the cows around the barnyard so they wouldn’t freeze to death.  They appreciate how much easier farm life is now.  Smile


    Ya, the whole rennet thing totally grossed me out.  That went over my 5yo’s head and my 8yo would’ve felt so bad for the calf, but had been glad to have cheese:)

    I wish I would’ve started these books long ago.  My oldest missed out on these and now that he has other things he kind of has to read he hasn’t had time to sit with us.  But, just for fun, maybe I should have him listen in…I’d love to hear his expressions when they talk about their way of life.  He’s like me and could be a vegetarian (almost).


    My kids have never enjoyed them and haven’t read them (except little bits).  I have to agree that when I first tried to read to my eldest I couldn’t get into either.  I think I ruined it by watching all the Little House shows…seem so much more interesting in comparison.  But I need to let it go and realize that they are reading many other great classic books:)  Gina


    I started reading them aloud approx. 2 yrs ago when dc were 4 & 5 and they couldn’t get enough.  Although we too are like RobinP and live on a farm in the midwest so they could relate.  I think Jack (the dog) drew them into the first book, especially when they crossed the river and thought he drown.  Also, our son loved Farmer Boy.  Since then, we’ve read the first four and have been taking a break because I needed a change of pace and we’ve been sidetracked by so many other great books.  However, the kids keep asking when we can start By the Shores of Silver Lake. So many wonderful books….so little time!   Tongue out


    We LOVE the Little House books! I’ll admit, it was hard to read description after description of the little house in the big woods and all the processes of everything in Farmer Boy. Little House on the Prairie has been my favorite thus far. Currently we’re reading On The Banks of Plum Creek, and it’s been very good so far. 

    Don’t feel bad though…you’re reading tons of other good stuff, I’m sure.Kiss


    Totally understand, and that’s why I read a little of it aloud around age 5 and then wait for them to be able to enjoy the rest of the stories when they are reading independently. My kids loved them!

    Not to discourage, but Little House is nothing compared to Swiss Family Robinson. I read aloud that entire book, and I think I deserve a medal because it was so painful for me, but my kids loved it! 🙂


    Oh how sad!!!! I loved these books.  We are all so different.  I have found that of the books, On the Shores of Silver Lake had lots of good wild west action my boys liked – well, and my daughter too.  Farmer Boy is well loved my my son.  Oh, we just like them.  But there are lots of books, so if these aren’t your cup of tea move on to something else.  🙂


    I, too LOVED these books.  If you can’t stand them, I’d put them away for now.  You can always bring them back out and have your kids just read them on their own.  They may really enjoy them and you don’t want them to miss the opportunity to see if they like it.  I have my own little confession….I don’t like Beatrice Potter books…(can I even be a good homeschool mom since I don’t like those?!) Surprised  Don’t torture yourself…but give them a chance to read them when they can on their own!

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