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    Hello Ladies, I am looking for help for my dc to learn computer skills like word processing, spreadsheets etc. Can anyone recommend a course of study that will teach these skills at at Middle School/High School level, preferably with practical application for students? We have a Mac and Pc computer, so any courses for either of these would be great. I have also heard about the free Open Office programs, but again I have know idea how to teach my kids how to use these programs ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Blessings, Michelle

    Participant has a computer applications course that sounds like it might fit the bill.  We’ve not taken it, but have taken other classes there.

    Check for options: (new to us, two kids enrolling in electives in the fall) (new to us  one daughter enrolled in a pastry class that begins today.)  (My son took his GIMP class in the fall and enjoyed it and learned a lot.)


    Mum In Zion

    Thanks for those suggestions.  The Computer Applications Course looked like what I’m after, but the price is a bit much at the moment.

    I did a search for online tutorials for Pages (for Mac) and the free Open Office. The only things I could find were explanations of the programs, or how to use them in business… not a practical guide how to use them at a school level.

    Any other suggestions??

    Blessings, Michelle

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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