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    My daughters have been reviewing their math facts on the MUS website – particularly multiplication.  One of my daughters has requested something a bit more interesting… Do you have suggestions for free websites to practice math facts or maybe a VERY inexpensive program?  We don’t have an ipad, or any portable device (other than an e-ink kindle) so no aps for us.




    I am wondering the same thing for my son to use during break, so he doesn’t lose what he’s already learned. I have not used it yet, but I bought a workbook and cd-rom fairly inexpensivly from Schoolzone on Multiplication and Division. I am wondering what else is available though.


    Here are a few we’ve either tried or I’m trying to get ds to use: (This site is mostly free but there is a pay section. Some of the games are free samples of the pay section-three problems and then the “subscribe for more” type thing).




    Have you tried Timez Attack?  I know several kids who like it, although my DD is quite sensitive and thought the graphics were a bit scary. 



    I’ll check out some of the website mentioned myself but another thing we have done for math facts was finding songs on you tube.


    I was using IXL math.  You go and figure out what lesson they should be on and let them practice. It will tell them how many they got right.  Somewhere after the practice it may say your trial period is over.  However, you can just get back on and practice again. You don’t have to purchase unless you want them to continue where they left off..  Just keep going on and playing again.  They just keep track of the progress for you if you want to purchase a membership.  Otherwise, you will have to keep track yourself. That is if you are counting it as school.  🙂

        We just use it for practice some of the time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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