Composer Study – Beethoven


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  • If anyone likes to add composer studies to their curriculum,

    SchoolExpress has a free printable unit about Beethoven this week:

    This would go along wonderfully with the unit from Homeschool Share on

    the living book Beethoven Lives Upstairs:


    Wende, THANK YOU, THANK YOU… the timing is perfect. Last Thursday we went to an awesome educational performance by Boris Brott’s orchestra called “Beethoven Blitz”. They had an actor come out on the stage after the first piece and interact with the conductor, and “re-live” his own music with the use of a hearing aid! They also played short film clips at specific times while the orchestra played, and had pictures of Beethoven on the big screen, and scenes from history (Napoleonic war) to give a grander context of what was happening at the time he lived. On the last piece, children were able to play “ode to joy” on the recorder and all could sing a new verse to that same tune. It was great, so thanks for the equally great composer study.



    Wow! That is fantastic!!!! WE are doing Mozart right now, but will be doing Beethoven in the new year, to go right in line with our symphony field trip!! Thank you so much!

    This week SchoolExpress posted worksheets to go with Beethoven unit:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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