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    Does Sonlight Curriculum follow CM approach?





    Hello Nabi!

    I use Sonlight except the Bible and Science. I use Apologia Science by Jeannie Fulbright, which, I think, follows CM pretty well. Sonlight is not a formal CM program, but it has elements of CM- natural approach to phonics utilizing a lot of narration early on and copywork. I love it because it has the structure that I need- lots of LIVING books that I don’t have to spend time searching for. Sonlight allows for lots of oral learning and doesn’t place much emphasis on too much early writing and question and answer format. There is optional workbooks in the instructor’s guides for those people who just have to have the workbooks. But I choose not to use them.

    If you have any other questions, I’d be more than happy to talk about Sonlight. 🙂

    I used Sonlight last year and we LOVED it (core 1+2 and 3). My only drawback (and the reason I switched to Heart of Dakota) was that I felt we went through too many books. I wanted to “simmer” more on each book and let the kids narrate more from each one. We will continue to use books from Sonlight for their free reading time since they are awesome at picking great books.

    I still wanted a boxed curriculum because I tend to bomb when I pick books out on my own. I also went with HOD because it already has poetry, studied dictation, art, bible, and written narration scheduled, which takes a load off of me. 🙂


    I’ve looked at both of these curricula and really liked them. I’ve been afraid of picking one, though, because I didn’t want to get too bogged down with “school.” For those of you that use these, have you found that you get a good balance with the kids staying interested, etc?


    We’ve used Sonlight. But to me it felt like a wild breakneck career through history and literature. 🙂 Too many books, too fast. And we love to read here. If you ignore all the worksheet type stuff, too, it annoyed me to pay for something I wasn’t going to be using. It is very, very tough to narrate properly when you are reading several pages out of so many books each day.

    Just my thoughts.

    Michelle D


    I’ve learned that in my own reading lately. I’ve always been a fast reader, but as I’m tackling some classics I’ve never read before, I’m finding a slow pace is soooo much better. I’m really glad I didn’t read most of these books in school, with a time limit. I would hate for my kids to hate reading if they are forced to read faster than they’re able.

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