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    I am beginning to work with the CM Organizer and trying to figure out all of the program components before I decide to spend the $100 on the full access program.  I conducted a due diligence search on the forum but the posts that populated seemed related to the older program, or did answer my specific questions.  I am hopeful and excited about the program, but I am still experiencing a couple of kinks that I haven’t been able to work around.

    First- is there an in-depth tutorial somewhere?  I have searched for one and haven’t found any, aside from a short introductory video.

    My two main issues regarding the use of the program:

    1-  I am struggling to have the information I input for a resource translate to the scheduler in the order that I wish, even when I select the “start after” feature it still doesn’t show up in the order that I wish.

    2-  the weekly view is different from the daily assignment page.  For instance, math shows up for one of my students on the weekly view scheduler, but math is missing from that student’s daily assignments tab.  Why?

    Finally, a more random question.  Is there a way to favorite a resource in the bookfinder?  There are hundreds of resources and as I peruse them, I see some that I would like to use at some point in the future I just do not know when yet.  But I hate the idea of searching through the hundreds multiple times- I’d rather just occasionally check a faborites resource list.

    Thank you to anyone who can help enlighten me!



    When you say that your resources are not showing up in the order you want, do you mean that (for example) if you put in Pride and Prejudice under Literature, then you put in Jane Eyre under Literature, selecting “Use After” and choosing Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre shows up before Pride and Prejudice on your Scheduler tab instead of after it?  That is strange….of course, on the Daily Plan tab, Jane Eyre would not show up at all until you have finished Pride and Prejudice altogether.

    Sorry I don’t have any suggestions about that.


    Sue, you actually indirectly helped me figure out where I was going wrong!  I was mis-interpreting the “start after” feature.  I have gone back in and made the changes and it is working now.

    I am still wondering whether there is an in-depth tutorial and whether there is a way to favorite a resource.

    If anyone else has tips they have learned over time that they would be willing to take the time to share I would greatly appreciate them!

    Jordan Smith

    Thanks for trying the CM Organizer, Lauren! We have some tutorial videos on YouTube. There’s a video covering each tab of the CM Organizer.

    There’s not a way to favorite a resource right now. We have some ideas on our future features wishlist that would allow you to save resources you want to use, but we don’t have a release date for those features.

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