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    I just finished the free 30 day trial. I really wanted to love this and find this user friendly especially because we are using the Charlotte  Mason method. The biggest hiccup for me is the fact that once a resource is hit finished, if you want to change what appears on the report, or if something is listed wrong, there is no ability to do so in the reports section. Especially as I wish there was an easier way to schedule special resources and field trips, etc. It’s really time consuming. I would finish resources and then find out it got mistakenly put under the wrong category or only one child when I would go to the summary report page. If the ability to edit the report pages was an option, I would use this organizer, because it has everything else I want and the bookfinder is such a great resource.

    I think i must be doing something VERY VERY wrong because this is taking me HOURS and HOURS and days and days and days to input all our info and i most certainly will not have it all organized before next Tuesday! i am so frustrated and angry at myself for spending $100 plus the acupuncture appt for the migraine i got from the knot in my neck (from the hours and hours on the computer) and i just don’t understand how this is simplifying my life. i just want paper and erasable pens!

    Jordan Smith

    We realize that the CM Organizer isn’t for everyone and that some people prefer to plan on paper. That’s why there’s a Basic account that allows you to try it for free.

    If you’ve subscribed but you don’t feel like the CM Organizer will work for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy cancel your subscription and give you a refund.

    Oh that would be such a blessing! Praising God! thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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