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    I am hoping someone can help me out with this. I am evaluating all my options as I plan and schedule for next year! I am finally sitting down to fully explore the CM Organizer. I am adding a few resources to the schedule to see if it meets my needs.  First, do I need to add Visits to the Middle East if it is already included in the lesson plans of Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece?  The second question is, if I add Visits to the Middle East as a resource,  it wants me to select the day it will need to be scheduled each week. The problem is that our Visits to lessons will not be on the same day each week due to the fact that we will have a 4 day a week school schedule most weeks! We will just be working our way through Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece so we just do it when it is time.   So, some days it may fall on a Monday and other times it may fall on a Wednesday. You get the picture. How do I schedule this kind of resource? Would it be a Special Resource?  Or do I even need to bother since all since the Visits to the Middle East are included in the lesson planning (Joshua-Malachi & Ancient Greece), which has already been scheduled in the Organizer?  Just hashing things out.  I sure hope someone can understand what I am asking.  Ha ha 🙂

    Rachel White

    I’ve used the CMO for 7 years. It is wonderful.

    As for your question, since I don’t use that material, I’m going to make a guess.

    Even though it’s part of the Lesson plans, it sounds like a supplemental resource which can be done on a different schedule than the rest of the material.

    If it can be done at a different time that the other stuff, then it is its own resource and should be scheduled separately.

    When I have something that moves around the days from week to week, I just schedule it for all of our schooldays, and then when a day comes on which we won’t be using it. and it’s there on the schedule, I just minimize it by clicking on the arrow to the left of the resource name.



    Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece is the Teachers Guide for History, Geography & Bible.  It is lesson plans ( a guide that you follow) to cover both history, geography and bible.  So, the Visits to the Middle East is the main resource for the geography lessons, which is usually once a week.  So, technically, if I schedule Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece, it covers all the lessons contained in the book, including Geography, but I like to see when the geography visit is falling in the week!  Because we are doing a 4 day week, it won’t fall on the same day every week.  I just wasn’t sure how to handle it in the CM organizer.  Should I add it in addition to Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece.  If so, how?  I don’t really want it to show up as work on every day.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad and maybe I’m having a hard time picturing it.



    After you schedule Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece, you can schedule Visits to the Middle East separately and assign that to a specific day of the week.  Then, when the lessons for J-M & AG mention the Visits lesson, you can just ignore that for that day and complete the Visits lesson when it shows up separately on your schedule.

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