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  • Alana Adams

    It’s me again… I’m pitiful, aren’t I?

    A little background info:

    I have not tried the Organizer yet. We don’t have Internet on our home computer. I do the majority of my emailing from my iPhone. I take my laptop to my husband’s office about once a week to do my online stuff.

    My questions: Do you update the organizer on a daily basis or weekly?

    Once I have the initial info in, would it be easy to navigate thru the organizer on my phone?

    Does anybody use the organizer along with the Workbox system?

    Thanks! Alana ;0)


    I use the organizer with the Workbox system.   I do update the organizer every day, and it really isn’t setup to get a weeks worth of assignments at once…   So I guess whether it would be helpful would depend if you mainly want to use it to keep records, or to keep track of what you ae planning on doing.

    Not sure how well it would work with the iphone  (I have to say it works ok through our Wii….)

    Doug Smith

    The CM Organizer does work on the iPhone. However, it’s not optimized for the small screen so you have to zoom in and out a bit. It’s fantastic on the iPad, though. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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