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    Exam week – it seems to be a subject we embrace or run from. After all, we are with our kids every day. We know what they know right? That’s a fair statement especially if we are utilizing oral and written narrations, however, I have found exam week to be about me (the teacher) and them (the student).I’ve noticed that when I’m diligent with exams my kids “step up” but when I begin skipping exams, my kids give me deer in the headlights and the “I forgot we read about that” comment. They also are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment because CM exams allow them time to reflect and draw from their memory bank stores the stories, ideas, and thoughts that are tucked away. Exams are a way for me to examine the teacher (me). It’s a time for me to reflect on what subjects we were dilligent with and which ones I let slip by the wayside. I am able to use the time I take to prepare exams to decide if our schedule is working for us, if we are over-extended with outside commitments, if I am allowing the kids to get by with “just enough”, and more importantly if I am setting the example by doing my best daily.

    I love that Sonya decided to discuss exams so close to the end of our school year. This week she talks about what exams should “sound” like…what sorts of questions we should be asking our students based on their own abilities.

    How do you plan your exams? I have seen some families make exam week a special week.  Do you have special traditions during exam week?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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