CM and non-CM co-ops: Does anyone do both?

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    • Hi! My question is for anyone who has thoughts on Charlotte Mason & non-CM weekly co-ops. Do they work/not-work for you? What has been your experience? Would love your wisdom!

    We use co-ops. I much prefer homeschooling with a co-op. I’ve used Classical Conversations, a CM friendly co-op and just regular co-ops.

    The one we are in now is still developing. At first, it was more CM friendly. We did enrichment classes at the co-op. The youngest kids did “fun science” and nature study there. I taught literature to the gradeschool kids and focused on living books.

    But it has become more of a core curriculum co-op. Grade school science is God’s Design for Science, JH and HS use apologia. We will be using Notgrass for history. We use IEW. I’m teaching literature using Notgrass’ recommendations. Our pastor will be teaching a couple of Bible classes at the co-op (but it doesn’t meet at our church). The gradeschool kids have an art class. Some classes will be more CM friendly than others. Some of the families are more CM than others. And we just find ways to work together.

    I much prefer to use a co-op. I want my kids learning from people other than just me. And I don’t want to teach the subjects that I don’t know well.

    We have a very small church and the Co-op is where my kids get a social outlet. And I get a much needed social outlet, too.

    Our co-op is picky about who we let join. We aren’t trying to serve the whole community but rather bring like-minded people together to teach our children.

    For me, co-ops make homeschooling much easier. I can’t do everything. I don’t do science well. I hate art projects. Writing is very easy for me to do, but almost impossible for me to teach. Our co-op helps fill in the gaps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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