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    Where do you get your classical music for your composer study?  I would like to find a place that has streaming music with a choice of a particular composer.  Not asking too much if I ask for a free site?  Wink


    Thanks for your help!


    I get most of my composer study CD’s from my library, but when I listen online I go to Naxos.  You can hear a portion for free.  You can subscribe to hear full pieces, but I have not done that.  Although, at only $19.95/year, it’s tempting.

    Here is a link to Handel’s page:

    Laughing Heather


    I have used but it is a purchase site.

    I use the Classical Kids cds. They are great!

    Also, I buy the VOX cd with composer information to listen to and then I pick a greatest hits type of cd that’s been done by a good orchestra. 

    We also use the recommended books from the bookfinder. 

    I’ll have to look into the Naxos site. Thanks for that tip. I have some of their cds, but didn’t know about the subscription option.


    Jodie Apple
    Participant is a site I used this morning to listen to some Stravinsky pieces.  The home page shows where you can set up an account and sign in each time, but you don’t have to do that.  They allow 25 free downloads per month.  Also, is a free site. 


    Wow, thanks, guys!  I’m off to surf.

    Sonya Shafer

    I wonder if allows you to select a composer. Anybody know? 


    I like I set up my own “stations” using a specific composer. It’s not a perfect situation because pandora will start with the composer you pick and then play other composers who are similar. (I like to use it for background music.) Pandora is free (with occassional ads) or you can upgrade to a paid membership so there are no ads.

    I also use to find a specific composition or music by a specific composer.

    Classical music stations will sometimes have specific shows or segments devoted to a composer. Check out the program listings of your local station (or google classical radio stations and listen online to shows outside your local area).

    Classical music CDs can be found at a bargain sometimes…paying for the music might be more affordable than you think.


    Yes, it does.  I am streaming Beethoven!  Wonderful, thanks!


    I use the library too mostly. I have purchased a few that I knew we would love (i.e. Mozart, Gershwin, Beethoven). I still love checking out from the library, and ours will allow me to keep each CD for up to 6 weeks!

    I never thought of trying Pandora. I just don’t like that it won’t allow you to play one specific composer, even if that’s what you want. 



    I LOVE  It has short shows the kids listen to and musical excerpts from tons of composers.  There is a two page download with listening maps, crosswords or a game for older kids, and ideas for drawing with the music.  There are four shows for all the composers we have used so far so we do one show per week during lunch and they are free to do the activities when they would like to.  It has made things so easy for us and the kids love listening to it.  It is also FREE!  Love it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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