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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have debated back and forth in my head about exposing my children to nude subjects in art. Even after studying Miss Mason’s ideas on the subject. My idea has been, of course not! How can I teach them not to look at porn, and then also show them nude art? But as my children are now in their teens, I realize they are being exposed to porn just by walking into the grocery store. The idea that I get when looking at the modern ideal women seen in magazines, clothing catalogs, etc, is that of the infertile, young-boy-like female. It occurred to me this morning that maybe I should expose my children to classic art, just so they can see what a traditional, fertile, womanly ideal is. Even the WWII pinup girls had the traditional, natural woman look. I don’t want my daughter to feel she has to look like a young boy to be desired by a man, or my sons to expect such a woman. Has anyone introduced classic art for this reason, and if so, what was the result?</p>

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