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    One of our family Christmas Traditions is to have a picnic under the tree.  We do this the Friday night after Thanksgiving.  We spend the day putting up the tree and that night we have a picnic.  We give the kids 2 seperate gifts and 1 family gift.  They each get an ornament that we hand selected to remind us of a special event or such from that year of their life and they each get a Christmas book.  We also give them a Christmas movie together.  The idea is that the ornaments and books will start their collection for after they leave our house and start their own family but the movies will stay with us to enjoy as a family when they bring their families home for Christmas.  So I would love some book reccomendations.  What are some of your favorite Christmas books.  My boys are 3 and 5. Oh and while you are at it if you have favorite Christmas video/movies for this age range throw those in as well please.




    Two of our very favorite Christmas books are The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski (there is a video of it as well now) and Uncle Vova’s Tree by Patrica Polacco. 


    Years ago (early 70s) NBC would show “The City that Forgot about Christmas.” It’s on DVD now (part of a DVD called Three Christmas Classics from Vision Video). Here’s the CBD link: It’s also available at Amazon. Entering the title will also bring up a book version of it. (Sorry, don’t know anything about the book; might get that myself).




    Your children are at a great age to really enjoy What God Wants for Christmas.  We have both the book and kit. The kit comes with a paperback book.

    The Gift by Jan Haley, The Very First Christmas by Paul L. Maier, Angel! Angel! What do You See? by Cherie Pless Dittmer, and any of the Arnold Ytreeide books (they are probably intended for older children but we have an age range of 14 years in our family and the little ones have always listened with great intent).  Why the Chimes Rang is the book we are doing this year.  I’m not sure what age range it will be good for (my youngest is 4 yrs. old).

    We really like The Navtiity Story DVD.  Again it’s a family film.  Depending on the child, the very first part can be a bit scary but mine have been fine with it.  

    Lesley Letson

    I am an only child and was raised by just my mom – every Christmas Eve she would read to me The Littlest Angel by Charles Tasewell. It is a fictional story and as an adult I have to say I look at it quite differently than I did as a child, but it is a sweet story that brings back fond memories of my mom reading to me (which was something I never remember her not doing!). 


    One of our favourite Christmas shows is:

    Candles, Snow, and Mistletoe by Sharon, Lois & Bram — Such great music and singing and fun.

    I can’t believe it!  It’s on youtube now! 




    I was just searching for great Christmas books….put a few of the above on hold at the library. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Includings DVD’s? And any suggestions for Christmas Poems?

    Thanks…..I was hoping to wrap 25 books and open one each day, so I need to get going on this plan!  🙂



    While this has nothing to do with the REAL reason for Christmas, and I don’t think it is on DVD, but my absolute favorite Christmas movie to watch is A Muppet Family Christmas.  

    Another favorite is Buttons and Rusty and the Christmas Tree Train.  We always watch it the first time it snows.  🙂  This year, we watched in October! 



    Silver Packages

    Legend of the Candy Cane

    Saint Nicholaus: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

    The Very First Christmas (Paul Maier)

    Christmas Story–We read this one every Christmas Eve.


    Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol–my kid’s loved this when we were watching it while reading A Christmas Carol…the dialog was word-for-word out of the book! 

    VeggieTales Star of Christmas

    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Muppet Christmas Carol



    dePaola has some great books about Christmas!

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