Charlotte Mason Series Digitization Project

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  • TX-Melissa

    I just stumbled on this and thought y’all would find it interesting (an 8 minute video):

    And here’s a direct link to the collection at Redeemer University:


    Melissa Smile

    Wonderful Melissa, thanks for the memories of home, I have visited that area in The Lake District many times and though I was unaware of the CM collection at when I was there I can tell you that Ambleside and surrounding area is a beautiful as it looks on that video. Made me quite homesick for the green and pleasant land of my birth. The video is lovely and informative and how great that these items are being preserved. Thanks again. Linda


    That is just excellent! Thank you for sharing those links. How beautiful the lake district is!

    Linda, how wonderful to have spent time there!

    We wanted to visit the collection before we left, but could not get a hold of anyone at the library, school, or otherwise…so sad!


    That is sad that you could not get to see the collection – hope you enjoyed the area though, I bet you did. Linda


    How lovely!  Imagine doing nature study there. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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