Chain Reaction with Mozart

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    I just wanted to share the fun chain reaction of learning that has taken place starting with our focus on Mozart. For composer study, I keep it pretty simple, listening to music and reading an age appropriate book or two (we focus on one composer for 6 weeks, twice per year…3 composers total). But, we decided to visit with Mozart a while longer.

    After reading a book on Mozart, my daughter wanted to know more about Operas and she was particularly interested in The Magic Flute. I happened to own a copy of Bravo! A Night at the Opera (thrift store find years ago) which teaches all about Operas. And while at the Library looking for something else my eyes fell upon The Random House Opera Stories retold by Adèle Geras and the very first story happened to be The Magic Flute. So we read that together. Then we listened to an audio version of the story by Classical Kids called Mozarts Magical Fantasy. And my daughter started independently reading The Magic Tree House Moonlight on the Magic Flute (a book series she recently fell in love with). And today we started watching the Opera on DVD (another Library find). (Which thankfully has subtitles).

    We are just loving this chain reaction of learning. 🙂


    Wonderful!  Thanks for sharing!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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