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    Here is a list of what we have.  I would love to hear from others.

    Picture books:

    Beyond the Sea of Ice (Henry Hudson) by Joan Goodman

    Champlain by Christopher Moore (this would be for slightly older children, lots of words)

    Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence by William Toye

    A Dog Came Too by Ainslie Manson

    Pettranella by Waterton/Blades  (settling of the west)

    The Killick: A Newfoundland Story by Geoff Butler

    Making Room by Joanne Taylor

    Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews (Inuit)

    Belle’s Journey by Marilynn Reynolds

    Charlotte by Janet Lunn  (United Empire Loyalists)

    Baboo by Ainslie Manson

    A Salmon For Simon by Waterton/Blades

    Ida and the Wool Smugglers by Sua Ann Alderson  (settling of the west)

    Mary of Mile 18 by Ann Blades

    A Prairie Boy’s Summer and A Prairie Boy’s Winter by William Kureleck

    Emma and the Silk Train by Julie Lawson

    Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkins

    Luct Maud and the Cavendish Cat

    Stone Soup by Marcia Brown (folk tale)

    Just Like New by Ainslie Manson  (set during the time of WWII)

    The Auction by Jan Andrews

    The Dust Bowl by David Booth

    Hugh Brewster books:  At Vimy Ridge – Canada’s Greatest WWI Victory,  Dieppe – Canada’s Darkest Day of WWII,  On Juno Beach – Canada’s D-Day Heroes.  These have a lot of pictures, however the content makes them for older kids, IMO.


    Narratives that cover some or all of Canadian History.  These are all older books, with the exception of My First History of Canada, so do not include 1950 on:

    The Story of Canada by Isabel Barclay (grades 1-2)

    The Canadian Story by May McNeer (grades 3-4)

    Great Canadian Lives: Portraits in Heroism to 1867

    The Great Adventure by D. Dickie (has evolution in beginning)

    My First History of Canada by D. Dickie (I personally find this book dull, but I mention it because a lot of people like it)

    Famous Canadian Stories by George Tait

    Edith Deyell’s Canada a New Land and Canada the New Nation are well written and interesting in spite of being old school textbooks.

    There is a decent out of print series called Dent’s Canadian History Readers:  All About Indians, How Canada Was Found, The Long Trail, When Canada Was Young, In Pioneer Days, The Canadian West, How Canada Grew Up.  They seem to be written by grade levels, so the first book is great for young children, the last would be more grade 7 level or so.  I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on them, but you may find them at an old book sale somewhere.


    Buckskin Books – fun historical fiction adventure series set against background history (grades 2-4ish): 

    The Great Canoe by Leitch (Champlain)

    West to the Cariboo by Lorrie McLaughlin  (BC gold rush)

    Father Gabriel’s Cloak by Swayze  (New France)

    The Heroine of Long Point by Benham (true story, rescue of crew of Conductor on Lake Erie in 1854)

    Adventure at the Mill by Bramwell  (Underground Railroad)

    Danger in the Coves by Thompson  (life in 1800’s)

    The Scout Who Led an Army by Ballantyne (war of 1812)

    Lukey Paul From Labrador by Leitch (Labrador in 1893)

    Escape From Grand Pre by Thompson  (Acadia)

    There are a few more in the series that I do not have or did not like.


    British History: Our Island Story by Marshall, free online here:

    Vikings:  Viking Adventure by Clyde Bulla;  Leif the Lucky by d’Aulaire;  The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway;  Norsemen of the West by R.M. Ballantyne

    Canadian Wonder Tales by Cyrus Macmillan, free online here:


    Great Stories of Canada (sort of like the Canadian equivalent of Landmark books).  These are in order of volume number, not chronologically:

    1. The Scarlet Force: The Making of the Mounted Police by T. Morris Longstreth
    2. The Force Carries On: Sequel to “The Scarlet Force” by T. Morris Longstreth
    3. Raiders of the Mohawk: The Story of Butler’s Rangers by Orlo Miller
    4. The Nor’Westers: The Fight for the Fur Trade by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
    5. The Golden Trail: The Story of the Klondike Rush by Pierre Berton
    6. Buckskin Brigadier: The Story of the Alberta Field Force in 1885 by Edward McCourt
    7. The Map-Maker: The Story of David Thompson by Kerry Wood
    8. Arctic Assignment: The Story of  “St. Roch” by Sgt. F.S. Farrar, RCMP
    9. Captain of the Discovery: The Story of Captain George Vancouver by Roderick Haig-Brown
    10. The Bold Heart: The Story of  Father Lacombe by Josephine Phelan
    11. Redcoat Sailor: The Story of Sir Howard Douglas by R.S. Lambert
    12. Red River Adventure: The Story of the Selkirk Settlers by J.W. Chalmers
    13. The True North: The Story of Captain Joseph Bernier by T.C. Fairley & Charles E. Irael
    14. The Great Chief: Maskepetoon, Warrior of the Crees by Kerry Wood
    15. The Salt-Water Men: Canada’s Deep-Sea Sailors by Joseph Schull
    16. The Rover: The Story of a Canadian Privateer by Thomas H. Raddall
    17. Revolt in the West: The Story of the Riel Rebellion by Edward McCourt
    18. Knights of the Air: Canadian Aces of World War I by John Norman Harris
    19. Frontenac and the Iroquois: The Fighting Governor of New France by Fred Swayze
    20. Man From St. Malo: The Story of Jacques Cartier by Robert D. Ferguson
    21. Battle for the Rock: The Story of Wolfe and Montcalm by Joseph Schull
    22. The Queen’s Cowboy: James Macleod of the Mounties by Kerry Wood
    23. Fur Trader: The Story of Alexander Henry by Robert D. Ferguson
    24. The First Canadian: The Story of Champlain by C.T. Ritchie
    25. Adventures from the Bay: Men of the Hudson’s Bay Company by Clifford Wilson
    26. Ships of the Great Days: Canada’s Navy in World War II by Joseph Schull
    27. Mutiny in the Bay: Henry Hudson’s Last Voyage by R.S. Lambert
    28. Runner of the Woods: The Story of the Young Radisson by C.T. Ritchie
    29. The Good Soldier: The Story of Isaac Brock by D.J. Goodspeed
    30. Tecumseh: The Story of the Shawnee Chief by Luella Bruce Creighton
    31. The Rowboat War: On the Great Lakes, 1812-1814 by Fred Swayze
    32. The Ballad of D’Arcy McGee: Rebel in Exile by Josephine Phelan
    33. The Savage River: Seventy-One Days with Simon Fraser by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell


    Barbara Greenwood books:  A Pioneer Story, The Last Safe House, Gold Rush Fever, Factory Girl


    Pierre Berton books (in print and available at Amazon):   Canada Moves West,  Exploring the Frozen North,  The Battles of the War of 1812,  The Great Klondike Gold Rush.


    Miscellaneous historical fiction:

    Stories for Canada’s Birthday by Audrey McKim

    Indian Captive by Lois Lenski

    Anak the Eskimo Boy by Piet Prins

    Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

    By Hilda Van Stockum:  Canadian Summer, The Mitchell’s – Five For Victory, Friendly Gables

    Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

    Madeleine Takes Command by Ethel Brill

    With Wolfe in Canada by G.A. Henty

    The Young Fur Traders and The Giant of the North by R. M. Ballantyne

    Laura’s Choice by C. Cook

    Incident at Hawk’s Hill by Allan Eckert

    Anne of Green Gables, Rilla of Ingleside by Montgomery

    Owls in the Family and Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat

    Streets of Gold by George Rawlyk (Acadia) (younger)

    A Proper Acadian by Downie & Rawlyk (younger)

    Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker

    Megan by Iris Noble is a nice book about Frank Slide.

    Bully Boys (war of 1812) and Trapped in Ice (1913 Arctic Expedition) by Eric Walters

    The Settlers in Canada by Captain Marryat

    More for older readers here, but I have not read these (by the way this is a great Canadian homeschool supply family business):

    Personal accounts for grades 7+:   Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie, In the Backwoods of Canada by Catherine Parr Traill, Mrs. Simcoe’s Diary, The Curve of Time (don’t give this one to your kids without reading it first; there are a few weird parts to rip out or cross out or whatever you like to do with that – I think it’s a great read aloud book, with a few modifications), Ocean to Ocean by George Monroe Grant (this one is free on Google Books)

    Many people like the Dear Canada and Canadian Girl series.  I haven’t read Canadian Girl. We had some of the Dear Canada books from the library and they seem to vary quite a bit for quality and content.  I’m sure some of them are worth reading, and if anyone wants to tell me which ones are, I would be grateful.

    There is a new series out called I Am Canada here:

    Building the Railway is great, Prisoner of Dieppe is good but has parts I would edit out.  I have not read the other one yet (still waiting for it from the library).  I’m not sure what age category to put these in – grades 5+ maybe? 


    The Canadians published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside for older readers (12+).  These are not living books, but just history as it happened, although they are interesting and do have wonderful photographs throughout.



    Canada: Portraits of Faith 

    Explorers Soldiers and Statesmen by W. J. Karr

    Footprints in the Snow by Robert Livesey

    Canada: Sharing Our Christian Heritage

    Canada: A People’s History DVD series (I haven’t seen these yet but they are recommended by trusted friends)

    Concise Historical Atlas of Canada

    Modern History Through Canadian Eyes is a decent guide if you need one.  I don’t like some of the book choices, so use different ones that cover the same topics.

    Don’t forget Ambleside Online’s Canada page:

    I hope this helps someone!



    wow, that is quite a list!  


    Here is a list I was given literature based…  – grade levels are suggested reading levels



    The Chippewa Indians Rice Gatherers of the Great Lakes – Sonia Bleeker – Gr. 3+

    Eagle Mask -James Houston -Gr. 3+

    A Horse for Running Buffalo – Madeline Freeman – Gr. 5+

    I am an Indian – Kent Gooderham

     Indian Captive – Lois Lenski – Gr. 4+

    Many Beavers: The Story of a Cree Indian Boy – Henry Sinclair Drago – Gr. 3+

    Mouse Woman and the Mischief-Makers – Christie Harris -Gr. 5+

    The Native Peoples – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Nkwala – Edith Lambert Sharp – Gr. 4+

    O Children of the Wind and Pines – Laura Nelson Baker

    Once More Upon a Totem – Christie Harris – Gr. 5+

    People of the Trail (How the Northern Forest Indians Lived) – Robin & Jillian Ridington

     Raven’s Cry – Christie Harris – Gr. 5+

    Sacred Feathers – Smith – Gr. 9+

    The Sea Hunter Indians of the Northwest Coast – Sonia Bleeker – Gr. 3+

    Sweetgrass – Jan Hudson – Gr. 5+

    Tales the Totems Tell – Hugh Weatherby – Gr. 4+

    Thunder in the Mountains – Hilda Mary Hooke – Gr. 3+

    Totem Tipi and Tumpline: Stories of Canadian Indians – Olive Fisher & Clare Tyner – Gr. 4+

    The Whale People – R. Haig Brown – Gr. 5+

    White Mist – Barbara Smucker – Gr. 4+

    White Slaves of the Nootkas – John R. Jewitt – Gr. 5+



    The Adventures of Oolakuk – Robert A. Ruttan –  

    Akavak – James Houston – Gr. 3+

    The Eskimo: Arctic Hunters and Trappers – Sonia Bleeker – Gr. 3+

    The First Book of Eskimos – Benjamin Brewster –  

    Houses of Snow, Skin and Bones – Bonnie Shemie – Gr. 3+

    Igloo Killinek – Kenneth C. Butler –  

    Tikta’liktak – James Houston – Gr. 3+

    The White Archer – James Houston – Gr. 3+

    Wolf Run: A Caribou Eskimo Tale – James Houston – Gr. 5+



    A Door To the North – Elizabeth Coatsworth –  

    The Dream Carvers – Joan Clark – Gr. 9+

    Lief Erikson The Lucky – Malcolm C. Jenson – Gr. 3+

    Lief Eriksson-First Voyager to America – Katherine B. Shippen – Gr. 4+

    Lief the Lucky – Ingri & Edgar D’Aulaire – Gr. 3+

    Leif the Lucky, Discoverer of America – Erick Berry – Gr. 2-6

    Snori and the Strangers – Nathaniel Benchley – Gr. 1-3

    The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow – Allen French – Gr. 5+

    Viking Adventure – Clyde Robert Bulla – Gr. 2+

    The Vikings – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Viking Quest – Tom Henighan – YA

    The Vikings – Elizabeth Janeway – Gr. 3+



    And Tomorrow The Stars: The Story of John Cabot – Kay Hill –  

    Bay of the North – The Story of Pierre Radisson – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Captured By the Mohawks – Sterling North – Gr. 4+

    Cartier, Finder of the St. Lawrence – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Cartier Sails the St. Lawrence – Esther Averill – Gr. 4+

    Champlain, Father of New France –  Cecile Pepin Edwards – Gr. 3+

    Champlain of the St. Lawrence – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    A Dog Came, Too: A True Story – Ainslee Manson – Gr. 1-3

    The First Canadian – C.T. Ritchie – Gr. 5+

    The French Explorers in America – Walter Buehr –  

    Fur and Gold – Roderick Haig-Brown – 

    Henry Hudson – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Ghosts of James Bay (time travel, Henry Hudson) – by John Wilson – YA

    Henry Hudson, Captain of Icebound Seas – Carl Carmer – Gr. 2-6

    He Went with Champlain – Louise Andrews Kent – Gr. 4+

    John and Sebastian Cabot – Henry Ira Kurtz –  

    John Cabot and his Son Sebastian – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    John Cabot & Son – David Goodnough –  

    Man From St. Malo – Robert D. Ferguson – Gr. 5+

    Mutiny in the Bay – R.S. Lambert – Gr. 5+

    The Pathfinders of North America – Edwin Guillet – Gr. 4+

    Redcoat Sailor – R.S. Lambert – Gr. 5+

    River of Canada – Thomas Bredin –  

    Runner of the Woods – C.T. Ritchie – Gr. 5+



    The Dangerous Cove – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    Escape from Grand Pre – Frances C. Thompson – Gr. 2-4

    Evangeline and the Acadians – Robert Tallant – Gr. 3+

    The Hand of Robin Squires – Joan Clark – Gr. 5+

    A Land Divided – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    Prisoner in Louisbourg – Zillah & Colin Macdonald – Gr. 5+

    A Proper Acadian – M.A. Downie & G. Rawlyk – Gr. 3+

    Secret Under the Whirlpool – Elaine Breault Hammond – Gr. 5+

    Streets of Gold – George Rawlyk – Gr. 2-4



    Anna and the Indians – Nan Shipley –  

    Father Gabriel’s Cloak – Beulah Garland Swayze – Gr. 2-4

    Frontenac and the Iroquois – Fred Swayze – Gr. 5+

    Frontenac of New France – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Journey into Danger – Theodora Herapath – Gr. 5+

    The King’s Daughter – Suzanne Martel – Gr. 5+

    The King’s Loon – Mary Alice Downie – Gr. 3+

    The Last Ship – Mary Alice Downie – Gr. 2-4

    Madeleine Takes Command – Ethel C. Brill – Gr. 4+

    New France – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Pioneer Settlers of New France – Joan Anderson – Gr. 3+

    Quest for the Golden Gannett – Dorothy P. Barnhouse – Gr. 4+

    Raiders of the Mohawk – Orlo Miller – Gr. 5+

    The Sky Caribou – Mary Hamilton – Gr. 2-4

    Soldier Girl – Richard A. Boning – Gr. 3+

    The St. Lawrence: Seaway of North America – Anne Terry White  – Gr. 3+

    Time Traveler Book of New France  -Morris Wernick – Gr. 3+

    Tonty and the Iron Hand – Fred Swayze – Gr. 5+

    The Wapiti – Monique Corriveau – Gr. 5+



    Adventures from the Bay  – Clifford Wilson – Gr. 5+

    The Fur Traders – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Fur Trader – Robert D. Ferguson – Gr. 5+

    Fur Trader of the North – Roanld Syme – Gr. 3+

    Hudson’s Bay Company – Richard Morenus –  

    The Last Fort – Elizabeth Coatsworth –  

    The Nor’Westers – Marjorie Wilkins Campbell – Gr. 5+

    With Pipe, Paddle and Song – Elizabeth Yates –  


     7 YEARS WAR

    (or as the Americans call it “THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR”

    Battle For the Rock – Joseph Schull – Gr. 5+

    Battle in the Wilderness – Konrad Kellen –  

    Calico Captive – Elizabeth George Speare – Gr. 5+

    Drummer Boy For Montcalm – Wilma Pitchford Hays – Gr. 3+

    The Gold-Laced Coat – Helen Fuller Orton – Gr. 4+

    Pontiac: Mighty Ottawa Chief – Virginia F. Voight – Gr. 2-6

    With Wolfe in Quebec: The Winning of a Continen –  G.A. Henty – Gr. 6+



    Beginning Again, Further Adventures of a Loyalist Family – Mary Beacock Fryer – Gr. 5+

    Charlotte – Janet Lunn – Gr. 2+

    Drums of Niagara – Eric Acland – Gr. 5+

    Escape, Adventures of a Loyalist Family – Mary Beacock Fryer – Gr. 5+

    Flight – Constance Crook – Gr. 4+

    A Hollow Tree – Janet Lunn – Gr. 4+

    Honor Bound – Mary Alice Downie – Gr. 3+

    The Loyal Refugees – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Meyer’s Creek – Constance Crook – Gr. 4+

    On Loyalist Trails – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+


     LIFE IN THE 1700’S

    Medicine Maid – The Life Story of a Canadian Pioneer – E.L. Hoople


    WAR OF 1812   

    1812: Jeremy and the General – John Ibbotson – Gr. 6+

    The Battle of Lake Erie – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    Canada Under Siege – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Capture of Detroit – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Death of Isaac Brock – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Death of Tecumseh – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Defenders – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    Fire Ship – Marianne Brandis – Gr. 4+

    General Brock and Niagara Fall –  – Samuel Hopkins Adams – Gr. 3+ 

    The Good Soldier – D.J. Goodspeed – Gr. 5+

    Laura’s Choice – Constance Crook – Gr. 4+

    The Other Elizabeth – Karleen Bradford – Gr. 3+

    Revenge of the Tribes – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Rowboat War – Fred Swayze – Gr. 5+

    The Soldier’s Son – Terry Leeder – Gr. 3+

    Son of the Hounds – Robert Sutherland – Gr. 6+

    The Story of the War of 1812 – Colonel Red Reeder – Gr. 4+

    Tecumseh – Luella Bruce Creighton – Gr. 5+

    Treason at York – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+



    Adventure at the Mill – Barbara & Heather Bramwell – Gr. 2-4

    Brady – Jean Fritz – Gr. 4+

    Dark of the Moon – Barbara Haworth-Attard – Gr. 5+

    The House of Good Spirits – Donn Kushner – Gr. 7+

    If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad – Ellen Levine – Gr. 3+

    The Last Safe House – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 3+

    North Winds Blow Free – Elizabeth Howard – Gr. 6+

    Underground to Canada Lesson Plan – Barbara Smucker – Gr. 5+


     REBELLION OF 1837

    The Boy with an R in his Hand – James Reaney – Gr. 4+

    Bright to the Wanderer – Bruce Lancaster – Gr. 9+

    A Question of Loyalty – Lesson Plan – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 4+

    Rebel on the Trail – Lynn Cook – Gr. 4+

    Rebel Run – D. Harold Turner – Gr. 5+

    Rebels Ride at Night – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    The Stone Cottage Mystery – Joyce Boyle – Gr. 5+



    Alexander Mackenzie, Canadian Explorer – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Buckskin Brigadier – Edward McCourt – Gr. 5+

    Captain of the Discovery – Roderick Haig-Brown – Gr. 5+

    The Farthest Shores – Roderick Haig-Brown –  

    From Sea to Sea: Alexander Mackenzie –   –  

    The Map-Maker – Kerry Wood – Gr. 5+

    The Savage River: Seventy-One Days With Simon Fraser – Marjorie Wilkins Campbell – Gr. 5+

    Tales and Trails of Western Canada – Nell Macvicar & Irene Craig – Gr. 4+

    Vancouver, Explorer of the Pacific Coast – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+



    Buckskin Colonist – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    Bugles in the Hills – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    The Force Carries On – T. Morris Longstreth – Gr. 5+

    The Men in Sheepskin Coats – Pierre Berton- Gr. 4+ 

    A Prairie Nightmare – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Queen’s Cowboy – Kerry Wood – Gr. 5+

    The Railway Pathfinders – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Railways – Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith – Gr. 4+

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Richard L. Neuberger – Gr. 4+

    The Scarlet Force – T. Morris Longstreth – Gr. 5+

    Steel Across the Plains – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+



    The Blonde Voyageur – Nan Shipley – Gr. 7+

    The Bold Heart – Josephine Phelan – Gr. 5+

    The Buffalo Hunt – Donald and Eleanor Swainson – Gr. 2-4

    Charles Bowen: Paul Bunyan of the Canadian West – W. Phillip Keller – Gr. 7+

    The Doll – Cora Taylor – Gr. 5+

    The Great Chief – Kerry Wood – Gr. 5+

    Ian of Red River – Ragnhildur Guttormsson – Gr. 5+

    Ida and the Wool Smugglers – Sue Ann Alderson – Gr. 1-3

    Pettranella – Betty Waterton – Picture Book

    Pioneer Girl -Maryanne Caswell – Gr. 4+

    Red River Adventure – J. W. Chalmers – Gr. 5+

    Storm Child – Brenda Bellingham – Gr. 4+

    Tell Me, Grandmother – Lyn Hancock – Gr. 5+

    Westward Ho! 1903 – Barbara Villy Cormack – Gr. 6+

    When Calls the Heart – Janette Oke – Gr. 6+



    Spy in the Shadows – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 5+

    The Stone Orchard – Susan E. Merrit – Gr. 4+



    Battle Cry at Batoche by B. J. Bayle YA Flaming Prairies – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    On the Trail of Long Tom – W.T. Cutt – Gr. 7+

    Perilous Prairie – Dickson Reynolds – 

     Revolt in the West – Edward McCourt – Gr. 5+

    Soldier Boys – David Richards – Gr. 6+

    A Very Small Rebellion – Jan Truss – Gr. 5+



    Across Frozen Seas – John Wilson (time travel, Franklin expedition) – Young Adult

    Arctic Assignment – SGT. F.S. Farrar – Gr. 5+

    Coppermine Journey – Farley Mowat – Gr. 6+

    Dr. Kane of the Arctic Seas – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    Jane Franklin’s Obsession – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Link Between the Oceans – Leslie H. Neatby –  

    Mystery in the Frozen Lands – Martyn Godfrey – Gr. 5+

    On Foot to the Arctic – Ronald Syme – Gr. 3+

    Parry of the Arctic – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    Trapped in the Arctic – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The True North – T.C. Farley – Gr. 5+



    Cariboo Runaway – Frances Duncan – Gr. 4+

    The Doctor’s Apprentice (Barkerville blaze, 1868) – Ann Walsh – Young Adult

    The Golden Rose – DAYLE CAMPBELL GAETZ – -Gr. 5+

    The Man with the Yellow Eyes – Catherine Anthony Clark – Gr. 3+

    Quest in the Cariboo – John F. Hayes – Gr. 5+

    West to the Cariboo – Lorrie McLaughlin – Gr. 2-4

    Your Time My Time (time travel, Barkerville) – Ann Walsh – Young Adult



    Before the Gold Rush – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Bite of the Gold Bug – Barthe DeClements – Gr. 3+

    Bonanza Gold – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    City of Gold – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Cremation of Sam McGee – Robert W. Service – Gr. 5+

    The Golden Trail – Pierre Berton – Gr. 5+

    Gold-Fever Trail – Monica Hughes – Gr. 5+

    Kings of the Klondike – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    The Klondike Stampede – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    Martha Black, Gold Rush Pioneer – Carol Martin –  

    Stampede North – Ruth Franchere – Gr. 5+

    Trails of ’98 – Pierre Berton – Gr. 4+

    When Men Panned Gold in the Klondike – Edward C. Janes – Gr. 3+

    Yukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the Klondike – Peter Lourie – Gr. 3+



    LIFE IN THE 1800’S

    The Accidental Orphan (late 1800s, orphans, Manitoba homesteading)–Constance Horne – Gr. 3+

    Young Adult Alexander Graham Bell, An Inventive Life – Elizabeth MacLeod –  

    Alexander Graham Bell, Man of Sound – Elizabeth Rider Montgomery – Gr. 2-6

    All About Niagara Falls – Linda Granfield – Gr. 3+

    The Back Woods of Canada – Catherine Parr Trail – Gr. 7+

    The Belonging Place – Jean Little – Gr. 3+

    Beyond the Waterfall – Elaine Breault Hammond – Gr. 5+

    Canal Boy – Marion Greene – Gr. 5+

    Danger in the Coves – Frances C. Thompson – Gr. 2-4

    Danger on the Tracks – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    Death Over Montreal – Geoffrey Bilson – Gr. 4+

    Eleanore’s Diary – Caroline Parry – Gr. 5+

    Eliza’s Best Wednesday – Catherine Lalonde – Gr. 2+

    First Lady of Upper Canada – Florence McLaughlin – Gr. 5+

    First Spring on the Grand Banks – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    Forgotten Canadians – Herbert Fairlie Wood –  

    Glengarry School Days – Lesson Plan – Ralph Connor – Gr. 7+

    Harbour Thieves – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    Hester’s Summer – Gordon Cooper – Gr. 5+

    Lamplighter – Bernice Thurman Hunter – Gr. 3+

    The Last Voyage of the Scotian – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    Life in the Clearings Versus the Bush – Susannah Moodie – Gr. 7+

    The Mennonite Canadians – Joanne Flint –  

    Pioneer Crafts – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 3+

    A Pioneer Story: Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840 – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 3+

    A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of the Harvest Celebration – Barbara Greenwood – Gr. 3+

    The Pioneer Years – Barry Broadfoot – Gr. 8+

    Prairie Fire! – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    The Quarter-Pie Window – Marianne Brandis – Gr. 6+

    Red Paddles – Isabel M. Reekie – Gr. 5+

    River Race – Tony German – Gr. 5+

    The Root Cellar – Janet Lunn – Gr. 5+

    Roughing It in the Bush – Susannah Moodie – Gr. 7+

    The Secret of Willow Castle – Lyn Cook –  

    Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt – Barbara Smucker – Gr. 2+

    Selina and the Shoo-Fly Pie – Barbara Smucker – Gr. 2+

    Shantymen of Cache Lake – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    The Sign of the Scales – Marianne Brandis – Gr. 6+

    The Talking Wire – O.J. Stevenson – Gr. 4+

    The Time of the Wolf – Thomas A. MacDonald – Gr. 4+

    The Tinderbox – Marianne Brandis – Gr. 6+

    The Tin-Lined Trunk – Mary Hamilton – Gr. 4+

    Tom Penny – Tony German – Gr. 5+

    Tom Penny and the Grand Canal – Tony German – Gr. 5+

    Trail of Fire – B. J. Bayle – Gr. 4+

    The Tramp Room – Nancy-Lou Patterson –  

    Trouble at Lachine Mill – Bill Freeman – Gr. 4+

    The Value of Self-Discipline: The Story of Alexander Graham Bell – Anne Donnegan Johnson – Gr. 2-4

    White Jade Tiger (1880s Victoria, BC, Chinatown, CPR) – Julie Lawson – Young Adult

    Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada – Anna Brownell Jameson – Gr. 7+

    Within a Painted Past – Hazel J. Hutchins – Gr. 5+

    The Yellow Flag – Susanne McSweeney – Gr. 2-4


     WW I

    Days of Terror – Barbara Smucker – Gr. 4+

    The Halifax Disaster – Ernest Fraser Robinson – Gr. 5+

    In Flanders Fields – Linda Granfield – Gr. 3+

    Knights of the Air – John Norman Harris – Gr. 5+

    Rilla of Ingleside – L.M. Montgomery – Gr. 5+


     THE DEPRESSION (1930’S)

    As for Me and My House – Sinclair Ross – Gr. 9+

    A Bird in the House – Margaret Laurence – Gr. 9+

    Breakaway – Paul Yee – Gr. 7+

    Butter Down the Well: Reflections of a Canadian Childhood – Robert Collins – Gr. 7+

    From Anna – Jean Little – Gr. 4+

    Kaarina and the Sugar Bag Vest – Irma McDonough Milnes – Gr. 3+

    Margy – Margaret Smith – Gr. 4+

    The Stone Angel – Margaret Laurence – Gr. 9+

    Ten Lost Years, 1929-1939: – Memories of Canadians Who Survived the Depression – Barry Broadfoot – Gr. 8+

    That Scatterbrain Booky – With Love From Booky – As Ever, Booky – Bernice Thurman Hunter – Gr. 4+

    Who Has Seen the Wind – W.O. Mitchell – Gr. 6+



    Amy’s Promise – Bernice Thurman Hunter – Gr. 4+

    The Auction – Jan Andrews – Picture Book

    Belle’s Journey – Marilynn Reynolds – Picture Book

    Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods – John J. Rowlands –  

    Charlotte’s Vow (1912, BC coal mining) – Marion Woodson – YA

    Emily Carr’s Woo – Constance Horne – Gr. 3+

    Frederick G. Banting: The Discoverer of Insulin – I.E. Levine – Gr. 5+

    Goodbye Sarah – Geoffrey Bilson – Gr. 4+

    Grass Beyond The Mountains – Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy – The Rancher Takes a Wife – Richmond P. Hobson Jr –  

    His Banner Over Me – Jean Little – Gr. 4+

    Home Child – Barbara Haworth-Attard – Gr. 4+

    Josepha: A Prairie Boy’s Story – Jim McGugan – Gr. 4+

    Klee Wyck – Emily Carr – Gr. 7+

    A Miracle for Maggie (1920s Nova Scotia, Toronto, Banting, diabetes) – Stephen Eaton Hume – YA

    Mrs. Mike – Nancy & Benedict Freedman – Gr. 7+

    Nellie L. – Constance Crook – Gr. 4+

    Pit Pony – Joyce Barkhouse – Gr. 3+

    A Place For Magaret – Margaret in the Middle – Margaret on Her Way – Bernice Thurman Hinter – Gr. 4+

    Promise Song – Linda Holeman –  

    Strange School, Secret Wish (1927 Northern Ontario Railway communities) – Bernice Gold – YA

    They Called Her Mrs. Doc – Janette Oke – Gr. 6+

    Thistle Creek – Nell Hanna – Gr. 6+

    Ticket to Curlew – Celia Barker Lottridge – Gr. 4+

    Tom Thomson’s Last Paddle (modern day sleuths investigate artists 1917 mysterious death) – Larry McCloskey – YA

    Trapped by Coal – Constance Horne – Gr. 3+

    Under Emily’s Sky (1930s, time travel, Emily Carr) – Ann Alma – Young Adult

    Where the High Winds Blow – Bruce D. Campbell – Gr. 6+

    Where the Saints Have Trod – Judith St. John – Gr. 5+

    The White Stone in the Castle Wall – Sheldon Oberman – Picture Book

    The Wooden People – Myra Paperny – Gr. 4+

    any titles – L.M. Montgomery – Gr. 6+

    Wilderness Man: The Amzing True Story of Grey Owl – Lovat Dickson – Gr. 7+


     WW II

    Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice – Janet McNaughton – Gr. 7+

    A Child in Prison Camp – Takashima – Gr. 4+

    Explosion at Dawson Creek – Elaine Breault Hammond – Gr. 5+

    Hawk and Stretch – Bernice Thurman Hunter – Gr. 4+

    High Flight: A Story of World War II – Linda Granfield –  

    Hockeybat Harris – Geoffrey Bilson – Gr. 5+

    Just Like New – Ainslie Manson & Karen Reczuch – Gr. 1-3

    Listen to the Singing – Jean Little – Gr. 4+

    Naomi’s Road – Joy Kogawa – Gr. 4+

    The Old Brown Suitcase: A Teenager’s Story of War and Peace – Lillian Boraks-Nemetz – Gr. 6+

    One More Border:The True Story of One Family’s Escape from War-torn Europe – Shelly Tanaka – Gr. 4+

    Ships of the Great Days – Joseph Schull – Gr. 5+

    Six War Years – Barry Broadfoot – Gr. 8+

    The Sky Is Falling – Looking at the Moon – The Lights Go On Again – Kit Pearson – GR. 4+

    Years of Sorrow, Years of Shame – Barry Broadfoot – Gr. 8+



    Canada Votes: How We Elect Our Government – Linda Granfield –  

    The Kids Book of Candian Prime Ministers – from MacDonald to Chretien – Pat Hancock – Gr. 3+

    Parliament, Canada’s Democracy and How it Works – Maureen McTeer –  

    Sandy Mackenzie, Why Look So Glum? – poems on each prime minister from MacDonald to Clark –  




    The Gambler’s Daughter by Shirlee Smith Matheson (1940s, BC, Ghost Town, Gambling) Young Adult A Hill for Looking – Martha Brooks – Gr. 5+

    Lucy Maud and Me (1940s Toronto, Lucy Maud Montgomery) – Mary Frances Coady – Young Adult

    The Night Hazel Came to Town – John Ibbitson – Gr. 7+

    One Proud Summer – Marsha Hewitt & Claire Mackay – Gr. 6+

    Pegeen and the Pilgrim – Lyn Cook – Gr. 4+

    The Railroader – Bernice Thurman Hunter – Gr. 4+

    Skateway to Freedom (1989 Berlin Wall, German immigrant in Calgary) – Ann Alma –  

    Terry Fox: His Story – Leslie Scrivener – Gr. 6+

    The Treasure of the Long Sault – Monica Hughes – Gr. 6+

    The Value of Facing a Challenge: The Story of Terry Fox – Anne Donnegan Johnson – Gr. 2-4

    The Value of Tenacity: The Story of Maurice Richard – Anne Donnegan Johnson – Gr. 2-4




    Canada A Country by Consent – CD ROM – All Ages

    Canada and Her Story – Mary Graham Bonner –  

    The Canadian Story – May McNeer & Lynd Ward – Gr. 3+

    Famous Canadian Stories – George E. Tait – Gr. 5+

    Finding New Homes in Canada – Edwin C. Guillet & Jessie E. McEwen – Gr. 3+

    The Great Adventure – Donalda Dickie – Gr. 4+

    Great Canadian Lives: Portraits in Heroism to 1867 – Karen Ford – Gr. 3+

    Larger than Life – Janet Lunn – Gr. 4+

    My First History of Canada – Donalda Dickie – Gr. 4+

    O Canada! – Isabel Barclay – Gr. 3+

    One Dominion – George E. Tait –  

    Pages from Canada’s Story –  Donalda Dickie – Gr. 4+

    A Picture Gallery of Canadian History (3 Vols.) – C. W. Jeffreys – All Ages

    A Picture History of Canada – Clarke Hutton – Gr. 3+

    The Story of Canada – Janet Lunn – Gr. 5+

    The Story of Canada – George W. Brown – Gr. 5+

    Winds Through Time (anthology short historical fiction) – edited by Ann Walsh – Young Adult

    Young Canada – Anne Merriman Peck –  



    The All Canadian Trivia Junior Board Game  – – Gr. 4+

    Brain Quest Canada – Linda Granfield & Pat Hancock – Gr. 4+

    Canada: Portraits of Faith – Michael Clarke – Gr. 6+

    Canada’s Maple Leaf: The Story of Our Flag – Owens & Yealland – Gr. 3+

    Forts of Canada – Owens & Yealland – Gr. 3+

    Her Story: Women From Canada’s Past – Susan E. Merritt – Gr. 6+

    Her Story II:Women From Canada’s Past – Susan E. Merritt – Gr. 6+




    I wanted to add that I have saved on my computer a list entitled “Read Your Way Through Canadian History with Children’s Literature – A Chronological History Reading List” .  I have not personally read all of the books on it, so cannot attest to quality or content, but it would at least give you some titles to start with.  It is (was) from a website, but I cannot find it currently online.  If anyone wants the list, I can email it to you directly. 



    Thank you for the list Gaeleen! I will be looking a llt of these up in the library in the future, I am sure.

    I was also wondering about the Dear Canada series, as they are all written by different authors. I would be interested to know if anyone could recommend some over others.

    Thanks again,



    I found this site that looks pretty good for reviews.  They’re not all grouped together, though – you need to look through each month separately on the right side:


    Thank you for the extensive lists. 

    We are in America, but I would like to spend 4 to 6 weeks studying about Canada.  My kids are young: ages 4.5 and 7.  What resources do you recommend at that age level for a general idea of Canadian customs and history, spending only 6 weeks on it?

    I will also do some map drill and possibly a geo puzzle.  I do not have All Through the Ages yet, but I plan to use that to help with geography as well.


    Not sure for a main resource…  but this has videos of moments in ?Canadian History – and other things (sports minutes etc)…

    can give you soom cool little looks…  things like basketball being invented, the Halifax Explosion, how Canada got its name, and MANY more things!



    If I were to use one book for a brief coverage of history at those ages, it would be Isabel Barclay’s The Story of Canada. If you can’t find it/don’t like it, you could use Our Empire Story here: .  It is not a complete history, but is engaging.  There is another book called Canada : Peeps at History here: , but I find it kind of dull.

    For a good living book about daily life, I would use Our Little Canadian Cousin here:



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