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    I’ve been reading through the Early Years sample, and I saw the mention of daily calisthenics. How many here do some sort of daily exercise with the children? Do you follow a routine? A program? If so, what? If you don’t, what exactly do you do?


    I am interested in what others have to say.

    We do not do a daily exercise routine here. DD3 takes a movement dance class 1x/week and DD6 takes dance (ballet and modern) 2x/week. We also do a movement and music class at the library 1x/week. And we take part in a park day group 2x/month. They go out and scooter and bike for about 20-30 about 3x/week. When I am able the kids do enjoy joining me during my pilates workout, which is hilarious to watch but doesn’t happen to often lately.


    We use Family Time Fitness.  It’s often on the Homeschool Buyers Coop at a reduced cost.  Basically there are lots of daily routines with stretches, games, and exercises.   We use it more in the winter when it’s harder to get outside.

    In good weather (or not ridiculously cold weather), my DC just play outside.  They used to ride their bikes constantly, but we now live on a road with a very high speed limit.   To go biking, we have to haul the bikes to a more appropriate area, and with 7 of us, this is pretty difficult!

    My DC also love visiting parks.  We used to go on a daily basis when we lived in town.   This summer, we got into canoeing, boating, and fishing.  We have a canoe and a small fishing boat.  We haven’t taken the canoe anywhere with much of a current so far.   In the winter, my DC love to play in the snow.   Snow forts, snowmen, pulling each other in a sled, etc.


    I try to have my four do a morning exercise daily but it is slacking. They think I should do it with them the second I get out of bed and frankly that just isn’t going to happen! So I plan on doing it at break time instead. we do some stretching and calisthenics and strength training. Sometimes I have them run or ride bikes around the block if weather is nice. We have a mini trampoline we use occasionally and sometimes we do Just Dance on the wii. I also plan on looking up some routines on you tube.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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