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    We are introducing Spelling Wisdom 1 and Using Lang. Well to my ds9.  Does it make sense to get Partnership Writing? Now, later, next year, at all?

    So they learn the grammar from ULW…is this knowledge supposed to transfer over to written narrations?

    Do I begin asking for written narrations this year?

    I don’t want to rush into writing but I don’t know where my expectations should be either.  He is a late bloomer too.  I like that Partnership Writing holds my hand and offers the assignment to complete.

    I thought I had my head wrapped around this but I guess I don’t.  Any input appreciated.  Thanks.

    Sonya Shafer

    ULW1 teacher book will help you transition to written narrations halfway through—around lesson 71 or so. If you are doing two lessons per week, the books will last you two years and you will make that transition at the beginning of the second year. The Teaching Tips and the rubrics in the back of the teacher book will walk you through it.

    The rubrics help to gently remind the student of what he has learned in ULW and hold him accountable to use it in his writing. In addition, ULW4 and 5 will be focused on composition and help the student to strengthen and fine tune his writing voice, a voice that has been developing and shaping itself through the previous years’ work in several subjects.


    Sonya – Love, Love, Love the new forum photo.  You are a beautiful soul inside + out.  Thanks for all you guys do to make this my “go to” homeschool resource.  Blessings!!  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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