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    I really like what I’m seeing from Bravewriter’s Arrow.  However, I’ve already purchased SW/ULW for next year.  I also really love the writing activities in Jot it Down.  Do you think doing a combination of all of these will be overkill?


    I don’t know but I plan to do the same 🙂 Here’s what my plans are:  Use SW/ULW as is (which I really like, btw) maybe 2 days a week, pull something from the other resources 1-2 days a week, even if it’s just some of the ideas that are still CM-friendly.

    So, maybe I don’t really have a plan, but I do like all of them for various reasons. For me, BW is more for the “ideas” not so much as a program, if that makes sense? Now, I do have Help for High School for my high school student and plan for him to use it more as written (I think).

    This probably isn’t helping you, is it?

    So, this is probably how it’s going to go down: We will start the year with all of what I want to do, find the areas of redundancy (and remove them), keep what we like, and go from there. 🙂

    Jessica Voges

    I totally feel the same way. All of it looks so good.

    With Arrow you get great books, great copy work, relevant grammar and punctuation,  and some great ideas.

    With SW/ULW you get  consistency  and a scope of learning punctuation and grammar and capitalization  that doesn’t jump all around.

    With jot it down the ideas are so great and could span so many different grade levels.

    I’ve not looked into help for high school. I was considering enrolling my son in one of the online classes so that he’d have someone else to be accountable to  and I think that they grade those and I think that would be helpful for me.   What’s help for high school like?


    I guess it’s similar to the others where she’s teaching the student to use powerful words…actually I’m still reading Module 2 (chapter 2), which is titled, Powerful Association. I haven’t got that far because it’s on my iPad and computer (haven’t printed it yet) and it’s hard on my eyes to go back and forth to see it all together.

    There are assignments like in the other manuals, and I think I’m going to print this out for my ds and have him put his assignments in the binder when he’s finished them. For some reason that feels more “finished” to me. And I can read what the assignment was, etc. He could just use a spiral notebook but I like the other idea better. Lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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