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    Trying to clean out the school room! Hope you find something that helps. I am totally open to offers, especially if you want more than 1 item. All prices include shipping. I take pay pal and you can e mail me at roslyn j harris at g mail dot com. No spaces or caps in that.

    • 3 books used in Heart of Dakota Preparing, but great for any history! $18 ppd. Nice. Grandpa’s Box, Peter the Great, Aesop`s Fables ISBN 9780875528663
    • Alpha Omega Horizons math 3rd grade 2 book set, $37 ppd. Nice. Teacher guide and new student workbook part 2 ISBN 9781580959711
    • Alpha Omega Horizons math 5th grade 2 book set, $37 ppd. Nice. Teacher manual and new student workbook part 2 ISBN 9781580958998
    •  Alpha Omega Horizons math Kindergarten 2 book set, $37 ppd. Nice. teacher manual and new student workbook part 2 ISBN 9780740303111
    • Alpha Omega Horizons math teacher guides only for 1st, 2nd, and 4th,$13 ppd. each Good condition.
    • Alpha Omega Horizons preschool for 3s manual, $11 ppd. Nice. Manual only for preschool for 3 year olds very fun, Christian, and homeschool friendly
    • Alpha Omega Horizons preschool for 4 year olds set 5 books, $35 ppd. Good. Includes 5 books. 2 teacher books, 2 student books, and materials packet. Missing 1st 4 lessons in student materials. The rest is here and unmarked. Teacher books are complete and unmarked. ISBN 9780740314490
    • American Girl Samantha boxed set, $20 ppd. Good. Old 6 book set including box nice complete set
    • Astronomy for every kid $7 ppd. Nice. Janice VanCleave 101 easy experiments hardback! Great for adding experiments to any science curriculum or making your own.  ISBN 0471542857
    • Beautiful feet Early America primary, Grs. K-5 — $27 ppd. New condition. New 3rd edition guide and George washington book ISBN 9781893103870
    • Bible Study for all Ages unit 1, $40 ppd. Good condition. Family style Bible study. All you need but the Bible is here-Teacher Guide, timeline, cd, maps, and labels.
    • Biscut Phonics Fun +More Phonics Fun, Gr. K5 — $20 ppd. Good. Set 1 new except used book 2, set 2 torn box all books new 24 little books total. Good for beginning readers. They can finish a whole book. Sweet illustrations. ISBN 9780061432040
    • BJU 2 early chapter book readers A Question of Yams and Pulling Together, $12 ppd. Nice. Christian, easy chapter books for 2nd or 3rd graders ISBN 9780890846094
    • BJU English 3 teacher edition,  $20 ppd. Nice. 2nd edition includes cd we didn’t use ISBN 9781579248314
    • BJU Handwriting 4 set teacher and student, $5 ppd. Good. 2 or 3 marked pages otherwise clean older edition
    • BJU Math K5 teacher edition, $35 ppd. Nice. 4th edition with resource cd we didn’t use ISBN 9781606824863
    • BJU Science 3 set includes resource cd 4th edition unused, $70 ppd. Nice. 3 book set has student text, teacher manual w/cd, and activity key ISBN 1606828843
    •   BJU Science 5, $16 ppd. Nice. Student text 4th edition ISBN 9781606824634
    • Challenging word problems 3, 5, and 6, $16 ppd. Nice. Joseph Lee price per each book. These are the good, older, out of print books. They all have no writing! Great supplement for word problems for any math curriculum. ISBN 9814208825
    •  Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic, $42 ppd. New. Unused 1st grade math textbook using Charlotte Mason methods very nice hardback non consumable book. ISBN 9781616344207
    • Critical Thinking Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1,  $20 ppd. New. Great 3 or 4 year old critical thinking math book! Colorful and gives your child some “school” to do with big siblings;) ISBN 9780894558863
    • Galloping the globe set,$33 ppd. Nice. No markes in any books! Includes unit study guide with cd, and 7 books. Great for God, considering Gods creation teacher and student books, usborne stories from around the world, outline maps,profiles from history 1, and eat your way around the world ISBN 9781931397650
    • Heart of dakota little hearts +3 books, $30 ppd. Good. Guide few marks, Bible, history stories for children, and science book no marks in 3 extra books ISBN 097476955X
    • Master books the universe, $8 ppd. Nice. 1 elementary astronomy book with lots of great experiments and investigations! It is very hands on. ISBN 9780890517970
    • Math-U-See Basic Algebra and geometry 3 book set, $45ppd. Nice. Teacher manual, student text, and extra practice sheets all books are clean with no writing. This works well for pre Algebra or remedial highschool algebra and geometry
    • MFW God’s Creation from A to Z +2 books, $30 ppd. Nice. Orange cover manual 6 day units teaxher guide, preschooler Bible, and 1st virtues ISBN 9781619990081
    • Miquon math lab lot of 5 books $25 ppd. Nice. Lab annotations, purple, Green, Blue, and Yellow books all clean with no marks except 15 pgs of pencil in blue ISBN 0913684554
    • RightStart card games book + cards, $34 ppd. Good. 5th ed. book and all card decks plus extra cards. This is a great supplement to any other math program. Many different games for all of elementary math. ISBN 9781931980418
    • RightStart manipulative, $11 ppd. Nice. Base 10 cards and very handy heavy, blue, plastic holder
    •  Rod and Staff English 3 set,  $25 ppd. Nice. Teacher and student book set ISBN 9780739905135
    • Rod and Staff English 4 set, $25 ppd. Nice. Teacher and student book set no marks ISBN 9780739905159
    • Ruth beechick 2 book set, $10 ppd. Nice. A Biblical Home Education and How to Write Clearly. These are parent how to books for making up your own curriculum. ISBN 9780805444544
    •  Ruth beechick 3 book set, $10 ppd. Nice. Home start reading, easy start arithmatic, strong start in language ISBN 0940319004
    • Teach them Spanish grade 1, $5 ppd. Nice. Lessons and reproducable worksheets for elementary spanish
    • WriteShop A teacher manual, $18 ppd. Nice. Fun and interactive creative writing program for early elementary grade kids ISBN 193502700X

    The following have SOLD the rest listed above is still availiable 

    RightStart card games and manipulatives

    Horizons math 2 and 3

    Beautiful Feet books

    Also I have added for sale

    • SCM planning your year eBook set 8$ ppd I will tell SCM you have bought it and erase it from my computer per their rules
    • Teach them Spanish 3 $5ppd or $8 for the set with grade 1
    • Rod and Staff Progressing with Arithmetic set grade. 4, $30 ppd. Nice. 2 volume teacher books and student book all hardback no writing ISBN 9780739904664
    • About Reading level 2 full set b/w, $100 ppd. AAR manual, 2 readers, student pages cut laminated lev. 2 tiles ISBN 9781935197577
    • All About Reading Lizard Lou reader, $8 ppd. AAR poetry book for pre-reading level ISBN 9781935197157
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