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    Hi all..

    I am selling the following books; shipping included.  I prefer to us Zelle; as I already have it set up through my bank. I would simply need your email (I believe you have to have your own account through zelle, which is free.) and I can request payment.

    BEAUTIFUL FEET: History of Science (NEVER USED: NEW):  $125.00

    BEAUTIFUL FEET: The Western Expansion (Like new; most brand new no use): $95.00

    I have another full set of Early American History that is in great condition in storage. If anyone is interested, let me know and I am open to sell.

    All of these books are in excellent condition: LIKE NEW

    SCM: Goal Bible Study Journal (New): $5

    SCM: The Boy of the Pyramids: $10

    SCM: The Great Pyramids: $8

    SCM: Pharaoh’s Boat: $25.00

    SCM: A Midsummer’s Night Dream: $15.00

    SCM: Minn of the Mississippi: $8

    SCM: Paddle to the Sea: $8

    SCM: Tree in the Trail: $8


    The Story of the Orchestra (w/cd) LIKE NEW: $20.00

    Poetry Speaks to Children NEW: $8

    Can You Hear It NEW: $15.00

    My name is Renee and I can be reached at or 970-413-6744. Please feel free to ask me any questions if needed!

    Happy Home Schooling!

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