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    I need some advice. I have a 10 yr old son who DOES NOT like to read. He HATES it. I am trying to encourage him to read and it’s not going well. He loves to listen to books on tape if we get the right one he’ll listen and will ask to go places just to hear more.

    So one we listened to was Brian & Brians Hunt by Paulsen. Very good audio’s for our family about a boy who is & wants to live alone in the wild with very little. So I got the 1st in the series which is called Hatchet. I thought this might help inspire his reading being he knows what the content will be about. But all I get is crabby eyes, and a ho-hum attitude. Though he will read it for the 15 min I ask and can give great narration back.

    So my question is a two-fold:

    1. How do I encourage him without pushing him?

    2. Any other book idea’s for a boy who is an outdoors man through and through?




    “My side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George was a fav of my ds when he was 10. I’ll think of more and get back with you….and in the meantime I’m sure you’ll get many more suggestions.



    Try the Sugar Creek Gang series by Paul Hutchens. We have the audio version narrated by Ramseyer and love them.

    Karen Smith

    Jim Kjelgaard’s books are good outdoors stories. Look for Big Red, Outlaw Red, Irish Red, Snow Dog, Wild Trek, Rebel Siege, Stormy, among many others. Some of Jim Kjelgaard’s books are out of print but can usually be found in libraries.

    Also, look for books by William Steele. Two of his books are Winter Danger and The Far Frontier.

    Jean Craighead George has many outdoorsy type books. There are two sequels to My Side of the Mountain: On the Far Side of the Mountain and Frightful’s Mountain. Others to look for include: The Summer of the Falcon, Dipper of Copper Creek, Tree Castle Island, and Julie of the Wolves.

    If you think something that is just fun might entice him to read try Freddy the Pig books. Talking animals are the main characters and they do all sorts of human-like things. For example, Freddy is a farm pig who is a detective, runs a bank for the animals, and publishes a newspaper.

    Hope that gives you some ideas.


    Had to cut it short earlier and since then I’ve talked to my son about some other outdoor type books he has enjoyed. He reminded me of the Sugar Creeek Gang series too and the sequels to My side of the mountain – as Karen mentioned earlier.

    Also he enjoyed the book Rascal by Sterling North, Island of the blue dolphins, The Sign of the Beaver, The Boxcar Children (First one in the series) and the entire Castleberry Farm books called The Farm Mystery Series…..

    I think I’ll check into some of the ones Karen mentioned above that we’ve not read yet. Thanks, Karen.

    Blessings to you, Misty ~ How is that baby girl of yours and how are you feeling?



    Thank u so much ladies I wrote them all down and we’ll try them (ALL if we have to 😆 )

    And mom and baby are doing great thanks for asking


    Karen Smith

    Some other possibilities:

    Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat. (Caution: some of Mowat’s other books are not for kids to read alone, though they make excellent read alouds with some editing.)

    Books by Walt Morey including Kavik the Wolf Dog, Home Is the North, Gentle Ben, and Canyon Winter. Check the library for Morey’s books. He wrote many more than are listed here but many are out of print.


    Here’s some more to add to your list:

    “Two Little Savages” E.T. Seton–Adventures of two boys living as Indians; explaining Indian ways, woodlore, pioneer methods.

    He’s at the right age for Robert Lious Stevenson, but I don’t know his reading level.

    Same thing for Rudyard Kipling. Great books for boys.

    E.Nesbit’s books, esp. The Book Of Dragons–Eight madcap tales of unpredictable dragons — including one made of … and excitement for make-believers of all ages.

    “The Wind in the Willows” is a hoot. Any of the Kenneth Grahame books are good.

    Robin Hood-Howard Pyle’s version

    Sir Arthur Legends

    If you don’t like the magical elements of “Arthur”, their is a substitute called

    “The Terrestria Chronicles”. It’s an allegory, knights type tale.

    Also, he’s at the right age for the Narnia Series and “The Hobbit”. The HObbit is easy to read, not like The Lord of The Rings!

    He might enjoy going through The Boy Scout Manual from 1911 or 1908.

    YOu may also consider the 2-series by Douglous Bond of Vision Forum, the first is:

    The Crown and Covenant


    and the sequels of:

    The Faith and Freedom series


    They can be purchased individually, maybve even from Christinbook for less.

    At Yesterday’s Classics there is are many great books to choose from in his age bracket. Look in the Legends area:


    and the History:


    The “Our Little…Cousin…” series looks really good. And their are some high quality abridged versions of several books. James Baldwin did excellent abridgements, and I usually shy away from those.

    Lastly aer audiobooks. Like you said they are great ways to get a book book in or introduce him. I think Jim Weis does the best dramatizations. He has several classics, inc. Mark Twain that your son may enjoy. My son really enjoyed “20,000 leagues under the sea”. There are many to choose from inc. dramatizations of the Henty books, instead of straight readings.


    For straight readings (from someone with a great voice) and other book choices go to Jim HOdges.


    Many of these books can be found at your library of interlibrary. Amazon has excellent used copies, of even the Weiss stories (that’s where I’ve gotten ours).

    Hope this helps,



    I forgot to mention books by author Clyde Bulla.

    Also, you might cnsider bios on famous men of the past. My children really enjoy the Childhood of Famous Americans series. my son has read Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and he wants John Adams next. There are many wonderful choices.



    You ladies ROCK! Thanks so much this should keep him busy (at the least looking to find one).



    Grace & Truth Books has lots of great books for boys.

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