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    I’m putting together a Book of Centuries.  When you record a person’s name, do you put them under their birth date or their date of death?  Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but sometimes the two dates overlap centuries.

    Also, I’m thinking I want to print on regular paper but put those in page protectors in a binder.  Will this make the binder too thick?


    We have been recording both the birth and death years by putting them below the name. We have also placed the name on both centuries when there is an overlap. That helps us to easily see whose lives overlap, rather than flipping pages back and forth, or missing the connection.

    I don’t think the page protectors make it too thick, but I don’t know how thick a binder it would require, as we don’t use that method. The nice thing is that you can add extra pages to a century, or put focal pages in where they fit. We will use focal pages to create timelines for WWII, life of Christ, etc


    Thank you, Vanessa.  That does help.  What a simple solution!  I appreciate your input!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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