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  • CindyS

    I know you have so many requests, so I’m feeling a little sheepish. However, is there a way that, once we search a topic and a list of books comes up, we could print that as a list? That would be very helpful.



    Sonya Shafer

    Interesting question, Cindy. I hadn’t thought about that possibility. Couple of questions to clarify:

    1. Do you mean as opposed to just printing the page that you see? Right now you can print the page using the “print” feature on the Internet browser. But I’m assuming you mean an abbreviated version. Maybe without the cover images . . . which brings me to the second question . . .

    2. What information would you like to see included on the list? Just title and author? Description? Just title?

    I love to think through ways to make our Web site more helpful. Thanks!


    Well, I was thinking, as you say, without the photos (saves ink) and with the setting, grade level, time period, subject. The discription would be nice, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess most everything but the photo and spaced in a way that would save paper as well.

    Sonya Shafer

    Great! I think we’re picturing the same thing in our minds’ eyes now. 🙂

    I’ll add your idea to “the list.” Thanks!



    I have to laugh at your last statement.

    I can only imagine how long “the list” must be. You all are so wonderful at offering your time and service.

    Sonya Shafer

    Well, let’s just say that it’s not any longer than a typical CM mom’s “Books I Want to Get” list. 😉

    Doug Smith

    I thought I would mention that we already remove some of the page content to save ink when you print the page you see from your Web browser. The book cover images are still there but we take away the color header at the top of the page and the whole sidebar on the left.

    You may need to upgrade your Web browser software if this is not working for you. I know that Internet Explorer version 6 does not follow the standards that allow that feature. Version 7, or even better, FireFox or Safari both work fine.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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