Biblioplan vs SCM for HS

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    Hi- We’ve used MFW from the beginning, tweaking it where necessary to create a more CM feel. Especially with LA; we haven’t used their recommended writing curriculum, but simply continue with narrations. Grammar has been sprinkled a bit throughout each year rather than using a dedicated grammar program, and mostly dictation for spelling. I have two kids, two years apart, upcoming 7th and 9th.


    As we approach HS for my 9th grader, I’m considering a switch to Biblioplan since MFW becomes completely independent in HS. Although the 9th grader will take a natural step up in independent work, we want to keep the feel of studying topics together as much as possible.


    I like that Biblioplan follows a simple 4 year cycle, and I like that SCM adds in all the other CM elements. But, I’m not sure where we’d begin with SCM, since it’s a 6yr cycle. We just completed Modern, so we’d most likely want to begin with Ancients. Can anyone share a comparison of the two, or tell where to begin in SCM? Or is there maybe a way to combine both programs into what I want?


    Ok, I think I’m going to use Biblioplan for history, geography, and literature,  so we can utilize the simple 4 yr cycle. It also includes Bible and memory work. But I’d like to pull in a few things from SCM that BP does not include. Nature Study definitely- I love the journals, and my kids saw them and liked them, and think they’d use them. Now trying to decide on whether or not to add poetry, picture study, habits, and whether or not we’d have time for more. They will be using Dr Wile’s science books, and Saxon for math (not every problem, and with Nicole the Math Lady). We have never used a writing curriculum or literature guide, but I may use MFW’s Ancient Literature Supplement. I feel confident I could teach essay writing w/o a program (I have Know and Tell). But I like that this guide helps them compare the behavior of the ancient gods to the God of the Bible. Has anyone ever used it? Worth having? I know I’m rambling a lot here. It helps me to “say”’it all-lol! I’m narrating! 😉


    Thanks for posting your thoughts & ideas. This will be my first year with Biblioplan, too, and I signed my “Middles” up for Julia & Ben’s live class in the fall on the Ancients. I’m excited about it and do need the accountability. My struggle at the moment is to whittle down and streamline all the wonderful options Biblioplan helps schedule so that I don’t overwhelm my poor kids. I’ve collected several of the spines second-hand, and they all look fun to use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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