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    I see the typical schedule has bible evryday but the curriculum of history/geopgraphy/ bible has only bible once a week. Why is that? I would like to have a better laid out plan for bible


    Sorry I should have said twice a week for bible in the curriculum


    This is a question I have as well.  Doing Mod 2 this year we only have Bible three days so I have to do some supplementing the other two days.  I notice next year for Mod 3 there is only 2 days of Bible.  Are those days that are supplemented as we see fit?  I can do that, it just surprises me.  I have young kids so they are not doing Bible reading on there own yet, although next year I suppose my older one will be able to, I just like doing it together.

    Sonya Shafer

    The Typical schedule, as well as the other Weekly schedules posted on the site, are just some starting points that you can change and tweak as desired. With the way the history/Bible/geography modules are set up, we focus a lot of time on Bible history during the first three years while studying the Ancients, then we shift to more world history as we finish up the rest of the Bible, 1 Corinthians through Revelation. So we get all the way through the Bible in six years; twice in twelve years. 

    The day by day looks something like this

    • Modules 1, 2: Bible-3 days; Geography-1 day; History-1 day
    • Module 3: Bible-2 days; Geography-1 day; History-2 days
    • Modules 4, 5, 6: Bible & Geography-1 day; History-4 days

    Of course, you’re still doing Scripture Memory every day, and the older children are spending more days per week on their independent Bible studies that go along with the Modules. Plus, if you have a family worship time, that can count as Bible.

    So feel free to do what works best for your family. Smile

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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