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    I’d like to do a Bible overview this year with my kids.  The type of thing I’m looking for would include:  human author, theme, basic political and geographical information to help understand the context better.  Something along the lines of knowing that Jeremiah was written to the exiles and Amos addresses social injustices.  I’d like to cover two books per week, so this wouldn’t be in depth, but would be in addition to our regular Bible readings and devotions.

    I would envision that my kids would need to do a bit of research to answer those questions, but with a time allotment of about 10-15 min. a day. If necessary, I could pull this together on my own, but I’m wondering if something’s already been written along these lines.  ???


    We have a book called What the Bible is All About – A Bible Handbook for Kids. It may be close to what you are thinking. I am looking at 2 Kings right now. There are 9 pages devoted to 2 Kings. Here are some of the headings



    Main People


    Location (book in relation to the other books in the Bible)

    Connection to Jesus

    Discoveries from the Past (archeology)


    short synopsis of each chapter

    map of events

    the entire book is 352 pages.

    You could absolutely cover two books a week with this, although it is a lengthy book the pages are not full and there are lots of drawings on the pages. I didnt notice the ages of your kids, but I would say this could be upper elementary to middle school. I have given it to adults who were new believers to help them get an overview and flow of events.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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