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    Merry Christmas!  We are having a gray, chilly day for south LA.  I’m sitting here playing with my new Kindle and just tickled!!  I’ve been trying to keep tabs on all the recent discussions.

    I’m curious if anyone has a good recommendation for an bible for it?  I usually read NIV, but am open to learning about others.  

    Two that I see that seem interesting are:  Quest Study Bible  and NIV Archaeological Study Bible.  Anyone have these (even in traditional book format) and can give me pros and cons?



    We are having a cold (for Texas) day too!  It’s dropped all the way down to 45 degrees and we have a wind advisory!! I don’t have any suggestions I just wanted to say congrats on the new Kindle!  Merry ChristmasLaughing


    We use the ESV Study Bible and love, love, love it! I’ll never go back to anything else. 🙂 Merry Christmas!


    ESV is my favorite, too.  Congrats on the Kindle!  We got ds one, but he isn’t too thrilled.  If he doesn’t have a turn-around, I just may have to confiscate it for myself.


    We use ESV, too!


    We found a free ESV – just Bible text, no study notes and such. But free! 😉 If you search the Kindle store, there may be a free NIV as well. I have not looked. It was my husband that found the ESV we downloaded. But if you are looking for the study Bible, I do remember looking at the ESV study Bible, for much less than the print version. Congrats on the Kindle.

    Happy reading! 🙂


    I work for a national Christian store chain.  I am familiar with both the Quest Bible and the Archaeological Study Bible.  I really really really like the Quest Bible.  Its just filled with tons of little facts of trivia and history.  I love that sort of stuff.  The Archaelological Bible sets it studies off of things that have been found (places and things) and the facts that back Scripture.


    i put in another  vote for ESV.  it’s our favorite over here.  But the Quest bible, in book form anyhow, is quite interesting, but i’m not sure i’d use it for everyday.  it’s got interesting questions and answers about the test down the side margins, but not traditional study notes.  it’s excellent for new believers.  or even kids/students would get a lot out of it.  i found to be very interesting when I was a brand new believer.  my husband and one of our pastors teach a NorthPoint course written by Andy Stanley called StartingPoint, and that is the bible used in that course.

    We got a Kindle for Christmas, too and we were able to download a free ESV from Amazon also.




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