BF vs A Living History?

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  • I am planning to do American History this coming year and am wondering about both Beautiful Feet’s Primary and Queen’s A Living History.

    I don’t just want a text to use so I am assuming that even if I went with A Living History I would want to supplement with many of the living books from BF. Is the text of ALH really a good overview, worth investing in to read to the kids?

    Also, has anyone seen the student notebook that goes with A Living History? I’m wondering if this would be beneficial or if I should just put together my own notebook/lapbook materials?

    Thanks :o)

    Bumping just in case anyone can help :o)


    I haven’t used either, though, I seem to remember reading good reviews of that new A Living History.  I can say that a dear and expereinced friend of my used BF’s American History, and LOVED it.  She said that it was their favorite year of history.  It was fun, too, because that summer for her husband’s job they had occasion to travel south (we’re in NJ) into VA, so they stopped and did all the historical stuff and Washington D.C.  Kinda drove it all home and made it real.  



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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