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    Ok.. so a blessing has happened and I now have The Handbook of Nature – Study by Anna Comstock. 

    My question is I want to use it in conjunction with my nature study so those who have done it could you help me in this area?  How did you find to use it the best?  I don’t have anything really scheduled yet for nature – study and want to use it together.  Any help would be great!

    I especially would like to know how to use it in the winter when it’s to cold to go outside!



    One way you could use it is to just keep it handy to look up things when you or your children have questions.

    Another way, might be to follow Ambleside Online’s nature study rotation and look up related topics as you go.

    Another way would be to use it following Barb’s blog:  She has been posting challenges for a long time now, and they are listed in the sidebar.  If you go back to the beginning she takes you step by step and gives suggestions as to pages to read and how to keep going.

    Hope that helps.  I’m not in a really cold climate to help with winter….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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