Best Places in Texas to Homeschool? (In 2024)

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  • Margaret McMillan

    Hi all,

    My husband is considering a remote job and we would want to relocate to Tx to be closer to family. Ideally, we would be in a few hours drive if Dallas Fort Worth, be we would like to be in a smaller town/country. Is anyone part of a strong CM community in and around DFW? Or does anyone have strong opinions about towns to consider or avoid in North Texas? We are also looking at the Hill Country too so I’m open to suggestions from all over. Thanks!

    Karen Smith

    Hopefully, someone who lives in Texas can help you with good places to live.

    For finding a CM community, you may find a group through the Charlotte Mason in Community website. This website is a place for CM groups, living books libraries, and moms looking for CM groups to post information about their group/library/what they are looking for.

    Margaret McMillan

    Thanks so much for the guidance Karen! I stumbled across an old posting on this thread (from 2016 I think?) with a similar topic so that’s why I posted. I didn’t realize that! I’ll look where you suggested. Blessings, Margaret


    I don’t know much about the DFW homeschooling communities, but the Waco/McLennan County area is a great place to live and homeschool  in my opinion.  I believe we are 100 miles from DFW.

    There are nature clubs, CM reading groups, music schools, homeschool sports associations, and plenty of co-ops.  We have been here 5 years and appreciate all the opportunities so much.  (There is even an Ambleside School starting this fall.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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