Best effort verses perfectionism: maybe a podcast on this???


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  • Dianapatrice

    I’d love to here a podcast on this. And also of course any thoughts from the forum.

    Can you elaborate on Miss Mason’s ideas of best effort? I grew up with the phrase “anything worth doing is worth doing well”.  Although I do understand not giving a lazy, lackluster attitude to a task, this became a very large hurdle to overcome in my life. It led to paralysis in many tasks, as well as poor balance and time management between tasks. Embracing  the phrases: “better than nothing”, “good enough for the time we have”, and “just start the process” has brought my children and I so much more growth than focusing on what our best job could look like.

    How do I instill the value of best effort, without giving my children the same debilitating result I had to grow out of in my own life? Perhaps I need to understand better what Miss Mason means? Many of her method focus more on the process rather than focusing on the end goal; this has created more joy in out homeschool than trying to prepare and execute  daunting projects. What am I missing?

    Karen Smith

    Best effort means that you hold your children accountable to do their work to what you know the best they are capable of doing, not pushing them to some arbitrary standard for perfection. Here are a couple of podcasts/blog posts on best effort. Maybe they will give you a better idea of what best effort means.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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