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    I just started DR Level 2 with my twin boys.  I have a couple questions. How do you get them to stop putting a pause when sounding out a word m–at. I can’t get one of my boys to glide into the word.  We’ve tried cars. I’ve been telling him to not “stop” and to keep driving through the word (instead of pausing).

    Same twin. Once I help him say the word “mat” by putting the sounds together he does really well forming other words with “at”. It’s ok to tell him how to form the first word right?  Otherwise he really struggles and becomes frustrated.  Does that make sense?

    Tamara Bell

    If helping him with the first word is helping him with the rest of the family, it is ok.  I would continue to gently remind him to not “stop” but to blend the sounds together.  One thing I have had to do with a couple times with my youngest is create letter cards.  I will then gather letters such as m, a, and t.  I keep those letters far apart and slowly bring those letters closer and closer until they are touching.  By that point, my little one is blending the sounds together with no pause.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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