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    Has anyone used this, and if so with what results? I am considering this for my 3rd and K daughters~~ It is listed as a resource for grades 3-7 but want to make sure it’s not too old for them, kwim? We have an opportunity to visit family up North and see some of the landmarks within this program and I thought it would be so ALIVE for them if we started before we went 🙂 Any thoughts? Thank you!


    Are you referring to Geography:  A Literature Approach?  My 10YO did part of it last year, and will finish it this year.  He liked it.  I found it very interesting, too.  My younger son, who was 6 at the time, really didn’t care for it at all.  It was beyond him and he didn’t even enjoy the read-alouds of Paddle to the Sea or Tree in the Trail.

    I definitely recommend getting the maps that go with it.  The maps were an excellent way to reinforce what was read.

    Rebekah P

    I agree with jawgee about the maps.  Keep in mind they are large maps.  We did ours on the floor, but you could use a table, of course.  I was surprised how large they were, but they are beautiful.  They are stored in a large tube.

    My kids were 3 and 7 when we did Paddle to the Sea and 4 and 8 with tree and the trail.  They did much better the second time around (maturity).  My son (youngest) loved listening to the stories and since my daughter doesn’t always like all the coloring, he helped out with great enthusiasm.  I think it really depends on the maturity of your kids as to whether they are ready.  In the beginning of the guide she tells you not to overwhelm the young students with too much written work.  I think that is a wonderful guideline. 

    A little tip…we learned to caterpillar (zigzag) the outlines of the states and rivers instead of coloring them all in.  It’s not really easier, it just looks really nice, imo. 





    Thank you for your thoughts/tips, ladies! I just knew I could ask & someone would be able to help 🙂

    This is very helpful– my girls are ages 5 & 8 — I was eager to add this in for my oldest, but my youngest is such a sponge, I figured she would absorb what she heard at her level. They both love to color,etc so this sounds wonderful! They also both take great interest in any kind of maps and since we are heading to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…..and we already have Paddle to the Sea…..aNd the Sault locks are only a slight detour, and certainly a sight to see anyways……..well, it’s hard to resist, kwim? Lol!

    Again, thank you for taking the time to respond 🙂 ~~Monika

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